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I live in Calif. and heard my first radio ad for ANY candidate tonight. Guess who it was for?? " RON PAUL "!!!

I listen to KGO radio AM810 out of San Fran and about 8:40 tonight I heard a Ron Paul ad talking about immigration ( a big issue here ).
The ad was VERY well done, non attack simply compared Dr. Paul's stance with all the other candidates. It also listed a phone # to get more info on Ron Paul ( 1-877-Ron-Paul ).
Well I figured it would be a recorded message so I called just to hear it, but......... NOT a recording. A real live person answered!!!!
This gives a very personal touch plus it is much easier to answer questions on a 1 on 1 basis instead of " push 1 for X piece of info ect."

The other thing I loved was the timing. at this time of night KGO is heard from Alaska to Mexico, hundreds of thousands of people heard this. Talk about " Bang for your Buck! " BRILLIANT!!!

If the campaign is already hitting the airwaves here I can only imagine they are hitting the other Super Tuesday states as well.
When I think about the other campaigns, except Romney, being broke and not being able to advertise as early or as often as us it makes me happy. Believe me when I say, Calif. is still up for grabs,
There is still a HUGE block of undecided voters ( apx.16% ) in the polls I've seen, more than enough to give the win to Dr Paul.
Remember, Calif. primaries are NOT winner take all, it's 3 votes per district plus some "at large" delegates so the more undecided voters we can reach in the next 10 days the better off we will be.

To steal a quote from Leroy Jenkins, " THUMBS UP, LETS DO THIS”

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No question about them spending money now! Going for the Gold! They are spending where it counts

Paul is being very smart

He knows that people that are likely to vote will be mostly listening to their radio. He's doing heavy radio spending so his name can get out there.

You remind me of another point soulmantim..

KGO is a "news talk" station, no music, no shock jocks, just people talking
issues of the day and politics. This is where the voters are!!!!
Dr. Paul’s stance on immigration, the economy , privacy, freedom and
the Constitution will be VERY appealing to them.

good news

good news , thanks for sharing

I take it the time must have

I take it the time must have been close to midnight if you were talking about signal strength? What time did it come on? I'd think that the morning commute or rush hour would be the best time for it since that's when most have their radios on.

It was

about 8:40 PM Pacific time 11:40 PM Eastern. The signal strength is VERY
good at this time, so maximum coverage. Morning commute would have been good
if they were targeting the Bay Area but not for the rest of the state. I live close to
the Oregon border and I start losing KGO’s signal around 6 AM so morning commute
or rush hour time slot and I would never have heard it. Hopefully they are doing ads
at other times to get the message to the different audiences but this is probably the largest
time slot as far as pure number of listeners is concerned.