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In Oakland California residents are gradually relying on community hired private security.

Just read an article about Oakland California. More and more residents in certain area of Oakland stopped relying on police and branded together as a community to hiring a Private Security for their neighborhood.

This is a great example of ingenuity of people and the free market. Oakland police sucks.. (Ive lived in and around the eastbay and Oakland cops are horrible) Finally its nice to see neighbors actually caring about their community and started hiring security for their community just by chipping it. In middle class Maxwell Park 180 residents banded together and hired a Private Security Guard to patrol the neighborhood 4 hours a day five days a week. And every household pays up roughly around 45 to 50 cents a day to have a Private Security Guard to patrol.

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I grew up next door to

I grew up next door to Oakland and this is great news. I've read similar stories about Detroit. The state should have no monopoly on the use of force. Police as they stand today are not "peace officers" as perhaps in times past, they're merely law enforcement, i.e. occupation troops for the state.