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One Crazy Argument Against Libertarianism Proven Wrong

Alot of people I know have a bunch of arguments against libertarianism. One of them comes from my Christian friends that say that you must submit to authority and obey the laws. I believe you have to only submit to Godly authority (when you have given your life to Him), but here's what God's word has to say about it.

Ephesians 6:12
New International Version (NIV)
12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

I find it interesting, because my pastor was preaching about evangelism today and this was one of the verses he told us to read. I previously wrote a thing called A Christian Case For Libertarianism, but this bible verse practically makes the case for everything a Christian Libertarian believes.

Christian Libertarianism - the view that mature individuals are permitted maximum freedom under God's law

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When you submit to authority

When you submit to authority and unquestionably obey it, if that authority is not god, they you are submitting to and worshiping a false one.



I think the principle is pretty straightforward ...

good can not be forced and goodness is not forced.

If the morality of the citizens can not be legislated by statute, neither can the morality of government actors be legislated by constitution.

Is Christianity about demanding others respect their rights backed up with threats of self defense or is it about forgive me only as much but no more as I forgive those who trespass against me?

Is Christianity about taking up the sword in self defense to become just as violent as an attacker or is about rebuking the evils of violence while not actively taking a part in violence so that an attacker feels the guilt of their actions often evidenced by increased anger or aggression?

Not preaching, just asking ...

I agree with what you said

I agree with what you said about how good can not be forced and goodness is not forced, but here's my answer to both your questions. Christianity is about a friendship stronger than a relationship with someone with the Creator of the Universe. Once I accepted Jesus Christ, I no longer had the motives to do bad things. I couldn't try to be a good person without Jesus. That is what Christianity is about.

Was your friend referring to Romans 13 perhaps?

If so, Pastor Chuck Baldwin has an excellent article on this exact issue.

It's probably here on DP somewhere, but I'm sure it's not hard to find on the net, or on his site.

As for "submitting to authority" and "following the laws" in a general sense, I don't know of many libertarians that would disagree there. A libertarian is NOT an anarchist. Perhaps your friend was confusing the two.

Libertarians believe in maximum freedom, but we don't believe in absolutely no government, only that the ONLY purpose of government is to protect our freedom - nothing more.

In relative terms, we may seem like anarchists, but the reason anarchy is deemed to be "bad" by anyone is NOT because anarchist don't want services provided by government (though they don't) but because an absence of government results in a situation where a significant amount of time in your life is spent defending your life, liberty, and property.

Thus, where people truly disagree with anarchists - they AGREE with libertarians.

Where most disagree with libertarians is NOT on the existence of government, but rather they think government should control your life, rather than create a framework that protects it and otherwise leaves you alone.

You spend 50% of your life paying off your master

You really think you'd spend that much time protecting your liberty if you were a free man?

There's a tiny fraction of humanity that are predators, and in the US they all congregate in DC. If they didn't force you to fund their predations they wouldn't be much of a threat to any of us.

I promise you a voluntary association of people would protect themselves far more efficiently than any monopoly can.

Neglecting the fact of how much all the people who died and who the US killed in all our wars felt like their liberty was 'protected.'

You've missed it!

Anarchists are for VOLUNTARY association, go for it have any organisation that you want, but we are against a COERCION at the point of a gun, called government.

No government remains small or exists to protect liberty, because it is much simpler to pass a law and steal or force somebody to relinquish their possessions, than to earn them by your own labor. That's why psychopaths are so addicted to government and run for offices, or create organisations under the color of the law to benefit themselves and their friends, it's for the children, you know.

Libertarianism is a half assed attempt at individual freedom.

Go watch "Matrix" again.


Expecting government to "protect liberties" is like expecting a pack of wolves to protect a rabbit.

EVERY government has failed in that regard. Libertarianism is a fine short term goal, but anarchism/voluntarism should be the endgame for liberty lovers.

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