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Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie

I attended an event in Bardstown Kentucky (home of "My Old Kentucky Home") to hear Rep. Thomas Massie and other liberty speakers. Here's a link to the Nelson County Gazette news article about it.

One thing I notice missing is about when Rep. Massie was explaining how many freshman congressmen are accepting staff that are referred to them by "leadership" and those who support them. Rep. Massie explained how he was careful to select his own staff and not those recommended by leadership. He explained though that he was very careful to bring balance to his staff. He said 1/2 of his staff are Ron Paul people and the other 1/2 are Rand Paul people!

Another story I love, but he didn't say it at this event, is that when he visited his doctor and they asked if he had any guns in his home he pulled his out and said "no, I brought mine with me".

I am so proud and at ease knowing that I am truly being REPRESENTED in Congress. Thank you Rep. Massie!

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You may appreciate

You may appreciate Congressman Massie's suggestion about a new political party. Read the story for his suggestion. Priceless!

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