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Libertarianism is a half assed attempt at individual freedom.

Anarchists are for VOLUNTARY association, go for it have any organisation that you want, but we are against a COERCION at the point of a gun, called government.

No government remains small or exists to protect liberty, because it is much simpler to pass a law and steal or force somebody to relinquish their possessions, than to earn them by your own labor. That's why psychopaths are so addicted to government and run for offices, or create organisations under the color of the law to benefit themselves and their friends, it's for the children, you know.

Libertarianism is a half assed attempt at individual freedom.

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Do you have anything productive to add, why limit yourself to a silent aggression?


A lot of the philosophical arguments get ridiculous when people get all mad about them. There is no 'winning' these arguments; they are like the argument over the 'prime mover' and the infinitude of the universe, or God and no God, good and evil or moral relativism.

Coercions? At birth you are coerced out of your mother's vagina. In life you are coerced into breathing by God. You are coerced into treading in places you might tread otherwise, by people who breathe air you would otherwise be entitled to breathe, human-free.

You coerce me into not killing your pet turtle for soup. I coerce you into staying off my lawn, though you may already do that voluntarily.

There is voluntary association, and there is begrudging association. The latter is a subjective judgment.



Don't forget the part where you're coerced into said vagina in the first place. Your existence is due to the Voluntary association, otherwise you would've been aborted.

And a FULL ASSED attempt is


Don't Tread On Me Incorporated.

Remember this phrase:

"Don't Tread On Me Incorporated." On April 15th, unless of course you are a member of the FSA (free shit army).

which half

would that be?

What I think you mean

is that "minarchism is a half assed attempt at individual freedom."

I am a libertarian anarchist, of which there are many variants, and many individuals on this site.

To equate libertarianism to minarchism is to give minarchists exclusive control over the term "liberty."

I'm sorry

the way i figured is there is either a consent, or there isn't one. Never figured that the concept of 'I'll just rape you a little bit' existed.

Just curious,

but are you an anarcho-capitalist, an antinomian, or perhaps even a pacifist? Is there a specific term for your variant of anarchist?


There fore unique, no other before me was as I'm, no other after me will be as I'm. I'm, the ultimate minority. ;-)

If you choose to associate yourself with one of those groups, feel free to do it, just don't try to force me into one of them. I choose to stand alone.