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American Soldier's AMAZING Response To Anti-Muslim Comments

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Every individual...

is utterly unique.

Journalist Defined!

When you go out and stage an event....then you can be considered a journalist and have special media protection.

Thanks Feinstein for clearing that up. Now we know who to trust. Ugh!

So close, yet so

So close, yet so far...

"Everyone has inalienable rights....

(should have stopped here)

...that's in America."

E.g.: "I can only kill people I don't like when they live in a DIFFERENT arbitrary political boundary."

Whatever... I guess it's as close as we can expect from a soldier.

EDIT: It reminds me so much of this meme: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/almost-politically-correct-red...

I almost wanna make one:
"You can't be mean to others based on their religion

Unless they don't live in America."

I picked up on that too!

While I commend these people for saying something, I object as Evan42 did. I usually use this graphic to get the point across:

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


He'll get there, if he's not already

That was my reaction, too. In our constitution, only priveleges, like voting or being elected president, are limited to citizens and residents.

Due process and freedom of religion and all the rest are natural (or Creator-given) rights that all people have, period, full stop. The Constitution clearly prohibits the government from violating inalienable rights regardless of nationality or geography.

It wouldn't surprise me if that's what he believes, even if he didn't say it that way.

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Well put! There are

Well put! There are differences between G-d given rights and mere privileges. But we must continually fight for our rights, because even though "the Constitution clearly prohibits the government from violating inalienable rights ..." it is not self-enforcing; we are the guarantors and enforcers of our rights. Too often we are opposed by the very forces that should be our agents and servants, our elected officials and judicial officers, who often act like our masters and jailers.

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