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Watch What Happens When Girls Open Carry in Walmart (It involves the cops)

Well, I experienced something that I had not expected. This was my FB post on the night this happened this past weekend:

"Well....Today was a first. Wow. I guess people in Marshfield, MO don't like law abiding citizens using their 2nd amendment rights by open carry. First time we had cops called on us for simply shopping in Walmart and open carrying. We're all safe & all turned out well, praise the Lord.

But, dude, any person in their right mind would realize that 5 girls together - 2 of which were open carrying - shopping in Walmart, getting food in Subway, laughing together & minding our own business were no reason to worry.

You know what? I don't open carry to cause a scene. So, to see 5 cops (one with an AR-15), a sheriff & much more storm Walmart as if a major crime had happened was quite shocking. I open carry out of love for my fellow man. Plus, maybe people will realize that a law abiding citizen carrying a firearm is nothing to freak out about.”

The videos are below:

Part 1:


Part 2:


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One of the things

the gets me a bit irate is when the cop is looking at the ID's and asked "Is THIS all the ID you have?" (referring to the passport!)

To me, a passport is much more of an ID than a drivers license is. It has more information about the person than a drivers license, and also has a photo in it of the person.

You can fly to almost any country and submit your passport at immigration and they never ask a stupid question like "Is THIS all the ID you have?" - and that includes when you come back into the US! I personally would accept a passport for identification before I would a state issued drivers license. But then, I guess cops never heard of a passport before.

Thank you Qfish!

And the others with you.
For #1 being willing to protect my family and loved ones
and #2 for defending the Constitution by exercising your rights (Both natural and Constitutionally innumerated!)

I lived in Marshfield MO

Lots of inbred low life cops and sheriffs deputies in Marshfield MO. I was raped by these same people 3 years ago. Here is that story: jtittiger.blogspot.com/2009/12/americas-most-wanted-wants-me.html

Then not a month ago the same cock sucking violators of the Constitution showed up because a neighbor was "afraid of me because I was a gun person." I did not even have a weapon on my person at the time. They terrorized me rather than writing her a ticket for disrupting the peace.

This type of thing is SOP for these criminals.

“ANARCHY is the radical notion that other people are not your property.” ~Lysander Spooner


I do commend your efforts, thank you for sharing :-)

Please watch Carl Miller. He will explain how to fully but respectfully defend and protect your Rights.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Haha, i watched this on my phone a few days ago

Couldn't see who it was on the video, but I thought it was you guys...

Keep up the good work. Many unseen consequences happen from these:

Some big government person walking by could say they find it horrible your open carrying, but these people are very short minded, and IF they even got around to telling a friend, these people can't be reached anyway.

But someone walking by who is wavering on the fence about Security being too tight in America, will be disgusted by stop and frisks, security checkpoints, and overall "papers please" mentality. It may not hit them right away, but its like all messages of truth, they can try and ignore it, but they wont forget it. It festers, its infectious.

Slow and steady is the best way to change hearts and minds, make your reality, their reality. We ARE doing it.

Peace and Love

Totally awesome!

"Where are you all going?"
"Are you all family?"
"Is that all the ID you have?"
"How old are you?"

Really is Nazi Germany... "papers please" only he didn't say "please"

So some Nazi wanna-be carrying a gun, people feel safe around him, but not around some regular human beings carrying a gun.

A little more info....

Thought I'd expound on this a little more:


On Thursday afternoon, September 12th, 7 of my friends & I stopped at a Walmart in Marshfield, MO to get some food as we were traveling on our way to Saint Louis, MO. My sister, Suriyah & I were open carrying, as well as our friend, Brian. We all went into Walmart and parted ways – the 3 guys went one way and the 5 girls went another way. We all used the restroom and then proceeded to get some food in Walmart and stop for a sandwich & salad in Subway. The videos of this incident are at the bottom of the post.

Unbeknownst to my girlfriends & I, Brian had been asked to leave Walmart due to his unconcealed firearm. They let him check out and he went to the car to put his firearm away. During that amount of time, we saw some managers rush into Subway and they seemed like they were looking for somebody. The gal who was getting us our sandwich asked them, “Are you guys looking for somebody?” But, they did not answer. They also never approached my sister & I to ask us to leave. We had no idea that they were “watching” us because the two of us had firearms on our sides. One of my sisters did say to us, “I wonder if they are freaking out about the guns?” But, we didn’t think much of that.

Within moments though, as we were about to leave Subway, I looked up and saw multiple police officers, one with an Assault Rifle, rushing in the doors. Before we could leave, the officer came up to us in a rather harsh & angry tone and demanded to see identification from all 5 of us. He did not ask us what was going on or anything to find out our side of the story. My sister & I both handed him our handgun licenses at first, because we figured that was the identification he was looking for. But, he proceeded to say he did not want to see those, but rather wanted our driver licenses. He then kept our ID’s and the ID’s of my girlfriends who did not have any firearms on them, and told us to walk outside, thereby, technically detaining us.

After we walked outside, my friend, Brian, was coming back from the car and saw all the police vehicles in front of the store. That certainly alarmed him as he did not know what was going on with his daughter and the rest of us girls who were there. Once Brian walked up, the officer also asked for his ID, even though he had no firearm on him at this time.

My brother & dad came out of Walmart shortly thereafter also to find the police officer detaining us. He immediately asked for their ID’s as well, even though neither of them had a firearm on their side.

He then had us stand there while he ran our ID’s. During this time while we were waiting, we talked to the Sheriff and another one of the officers who had responded and asked them what the 911 call was that they received. The officer did not want to give us the exact details, but basically said it was a ‘panicked’ call and was much different than what they saw when they showed up.

While the first responding officer was running our ID’s, the Police Chief of Marshfield showed up to talk to us. He basically gave us the run-down of the laws of Missouri, how you must leave a business if they ask you to leave, why the police officers respond, etc – all of which we already knew. We had looked up the laws of Missouri before we traveled there, so we were well aware of everything that pertained to carrying a firearm.

Finally, after about 30 minutes, they let us go on our way.

The video we put up on YouTube has generated over 250,000 views in the past few days. We never expected this kind of response. There are a few things people need to learn from this.

The most important lesson we should learn from this is, if you don’t use your rights, you’ll lose them. THE reason that this incident happened and was handled the way it was by the responding officers, is not because some girls we’re trying to cause a scene, but because society has an illogical fear of firearms. And seems to think that any citizen open carrying is a cause for concern or that their firearm is going to jump off their hip and start shooting people out of control. It’s so rare, people freak out. What stupidity.

Criminals, most of the time, at least are not going to be openly carrying a firearm. They don’t want people to know what they’re up to. So, when you see 5 girls together, only 2 of which have a firearm on their side, peacefully shopping & laughing together in Wal-Mart, there should be no cause for concern.

Some believe open carrying makes you a target for criminals. I could see the potential for that, but have never read stories of that happening. In fact, I’ve read multiple stories where citizens open carrying have DETERRED crime. There’s the precise reason I open carry: Out of love & care for my fellow man. I would never want to be in the situation of that woman in the Luby’s Texas shooting. She lost her parents and many more fellow citizens that day due to a mad man with a gun, who she could’ve taken care of had she not left her firearm in her truck.

We’ve been criticized simply for open carrying, even by pro-2nd Amendment folks. They say we should’ve expected this if we’re open carrying. Well, since this is so normal for my sister & I to open carry almost everywhere we go, and we receive compliments regularly, this was the last thing we were expecting. It’s time to start open carrying everyone, so that people get accustomed to this. Someone has to start doing it, so start educating people just by being a walking example.

Yes, we showed our ID’s and have been criticized for doing so. First off, I obey Romans 13. Due to not wanting to inflict undue harm on ourselves, considering the fact that the officer was very upset and had another officer with an AR behind him, we did hand him our ID’s. And I have no regrets for that. I DO wish I had asked him some questions or talked to him more as I showed ‘my papers,’ in the hopes that it would make him stop and think just how silly it was for them to be acting that way towards us, when they happened upon a peaceful group of citizens. And never once asked us for our side of what was going on.

We’ve been accused of ‘causing havoc’, ‘staging the incident’, ‘not leaving when asked’ and so many more false accusations. Seeing that open carrying is something my sister & I regularly do, this was the last thing we expected to happen. Open carrying is normal for us and we receive compliments regularly – never anything negative until this happened. We knew the laws in Missouri. We knew we could legally open carry. We knew they accepted our state’s permits. We didn’t see any ‘no weapons’ signs posted on Walmart’s doors. We simply used the restroom, got some food, bought a sandwich/salad at Subway and that was it. We were about to leave when we saw the cops coming in the doors, which completely surprised us. We were never asked to leave by Walmart, otherwise we would’ve left. My friend, who was open carrying, was asked to leave and he did so, but he was not with us in the store, so we had no idea that he had been asked to leave.

Finally, thanks to the vast majority of people who have been fully supportive and encouraging through this!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

asking for ID

You need to file a law suit against them. They had no right to ask you for ID for starters.

I should have sued them 3 years ago when they raped me.....


“ANARCHY is the radical notion that other people are not your property.” ~Lysander Spooner

W@lm@rt's Gun Policy

I don't believe the store supervisor is permitted to set gun policies for the store. He might h@ve viol@ted W@lm@rt's n@tionl policy by telling you to le@ve. You might wish to follow up on th@t with both the store supervisor & the police in order to further educ@te them.

I have been in dozens of

I have been in dozens of Walmart's in AZ and NV and it is uncommon not to see someone with a pistol on their side every time you go into one of these stores.

“ANARCHY is the radical notion that other people are not your property.” ~Lysander Spooner

I admire stories like this

I do not carry because I'm not the type of person who would handle it well.

I also follow Romans 13, but my mind thinks often like the founders said, "so long as these sufferances are sufferable" (will I overlook the abuse of such authority.)

I am an honorable person, and it pains me to let injustice thrive.

Keep these stories coming, they make me smile, and maybe one day I will learn humble submission.

You Sir and uneducated

You Sir and uneducated Christians like you are the very reason that we are swimming in evil in this country. Your position makes me sick...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

“ANARCHY is the radical notion that other people are not your property.” ~Lysander Spooner

Not too bad

Out of all the outrageous videos we see these days this one isn't too bad. The first officer was a little uptight but that's to be expected. The second video showed a more mature police.

Seems to me these videos (the ones where the person filming isn't being a jerk) are helping keep law enforcement from overstepping. Nothing like video evidence to change the tune!

Your Tax Dollars At Work...

Gotta love the boys in blue.

Tax dollars?

You mean the money stolen from us and then used against us.
ALL 'taxation' is theft. IF it wasn't theft it would be called voluntary contributions with NO repercussions for not voluntarily contributing. And it makes no difference what the gang known as government does with the loot good or bad, it is still theft.

Cops hate competition

Open carry is a threat to every cop's job. Open carry guarantees a reduction in crime. What idiot would attempt a robbery or an assault with someone with a handgun watching? The cops are protecting their law enforcement turf, but, let's not let them have back what they have lost.

Open carry in Michigan is a fact of life and most cops know the law, and, although many of them resent it with a passion, we haven't had many incidents of bullying by cops. Our Michigan Open Carry, Inc. crowd has a few lawyers who take the cops to court whenever they step over the bounds into illegal detentions and harassment. Why is is it that many cops think that their badge puts them outside the law?

This is Michigan State Police Legal Brief No. 86 (three pages):

"In Michigan, it is legal for a person to carry a
firearm in public as long as the person is
carrying the firearm with lawful intent and the
firearm is not concealed. You will not find a law
that states it is legal to openly carry a firearm. It
is legal because there is no Michigan law that
prohibits it; however, Michigan law limits the
premises on which a person may carry a
firearm. "

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

deacon's picture

are you in michigan?

If you are,I could use some help with phonecalls
to the AG,this concerns the registration of handguns
there is no law for that,but they do it anyways
I have called emailed,sent letters,none were answered
so maybe getting the word out,and overwhelming their lines?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Our mantra

Twelve died today because they were stripped of their right to defend themselves in D.C.
Twelve died today because they were stripped of their right to defend themselves in D.C.
Twelve died today because they were stripped of their right to defend themselves in D.C.
Twelve died today because they were stripped of their right to defend themselves in D.C.
Twelve died today because they were stripped of their right to defend themselves in D.C.
Twelve died today because they were stripped of their right to defend themselves in D.C.

Chief Doug Fannon

is probably going to be running for Sheriff... cuz he can sure run his mouth!
But it was good.

So a word to the wise - both law abiding and law breakers... keep that weapon concealed until you're ready to do some biniz!

Reading the comments below brings to mind

That a Right can not be taxed, charged a fee or regulated.

That one may conceal carry if a fee is paid is an infringement.

That one may open carry, but bothered anti-2nd Amendment tattle-tellers infringe upon your God-given/Natural-born rights by calling the police is an infringement.

That nra-give-a-little-take-a-little 'negotiate' with politicians is an infringement.

When a crime of provocation or violence is committed, there are laws that address that. Otherwise, it is pre-crime, which the Bill of Rights guarantees against, outlining our God/Natural-born Rights.

My hope is that instead of fighting fight after fight, losing ground each and every time to the point that we at now, Americans across the nation will come together and rid of these atrocities which is in direct violation of our Rights.

Until that happens, you will continue to be enslaved by the government of which you allow to exist.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

If every time a police

If every time a police department uses the excuse a concerned citizen called in they need to be flooded with concern calls! Hello 911 I am concerned and scared this guy just drove by and he could go to a bar and drink and then drive can you check into it? just flood them with stupid scared calls!

Two wrongs

do not make a right. It would also add fuel to the fire for those who would more than welcome more regulations and restrictions.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I don't agree as long as all

I don't agree as long as all it takes is someone calling in on you because they are concerned? and you loose rights. That has to change. They only have the right to act if they observe something or have people willing to say they saw something illegal yet they use these calls to go far beyond. Flood them with the garbage they throw at us. Everyone needs to get overly concerned about everything (not just guns) everything. Be concerned of a cardboard box on the side of the road. :)

If I'm open carrying, it's

If I'm open carrying, it's not MY problem if you can't mentally or emotionally handle it. These people calling 911 for no reason should be charged.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Dumb idea unless you're willing to live with the consequences

And it's cool that these girls are into exercising their rights but they really seem nieve about the trouble and potential danger associated with open carry. In this day and age of mass televised mass shooting incidents and officers gone wild who knows what could happen to them to cut their lives short.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Blame the victim attitude doesn't hold water

They're not to blame if psychotic cops murder them. I don't think they're naive, they seem to be acting non-provocatively but still prepared for the grim reality of bullying and discrimination against gun owners by rabid cops.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Missed Opportunity

...for the cops to educate the public idiots who dialed 911 & also to determine Walmart's store policy regarding open carry in its stores. The store manager likely remains clueless to this day concerning Walmart's national policy. (Typically large national corporate chain stores adopt policies consistent with local, state laws).

Where's the Reasonable Suspicion to detain

Law enforcement must have "reasonable suspicion" that a crime has happened, is in the process of happening or is about to happen to lawfully stop, detain and obtain biographical information (ask for I.D.)from a citizen. What crime were they suspicious of?

If it's legal to open carry then why were they detained and required to show I.D. If you caught what the Chief said, Walmart never actually said they could not be on their property with a firearm. In fact when the Chief was done with his speech he asked them what they were going to do now, including if they were going back inside Walmart.

Another point being the police never had the right to stop and require I.D. either. What law says you have to carry an I.D.? The only time you need an I.D. is when your driving a motorized vehicle, hence it's called a driver's license. These young people had every right to walk away from the officer's and never speak to them. The Officer would have been forced to make an illegal arrest or let them go. So stop carrying I.D.'s or ask the officer why you need one.

What the Officer's should have done.

1- Respond to the call as requested by the caller.
2- Stand and watch the subjects with the guns. While observing make sure no crime was being committed or about to be committed. There is no "reasonable suspicion" just because someone is legally wearing an open carry gun so there is no crime. The pistols were holstered and in plain sight. No threats were made and they never took the pistols out. Move on.
3- Find the idiot who called and explain the law to them. And possibly charging them with filing a false police report.


Follow the simple law.


I'm on the

side of liberty, but nothing wrong was done here.

First, the girls carried guns onto private property. That may or may not be allowed. Any business or private property owner can say whether or not guns are allowed on their property. The business also has the right to call the cops, not that I think they should have.

So then the officers showed up. Peace officers do have certain powers, among which is of course trying to keep the peace, and citizens must obey lawful commands of a peace officer - notice I said lawful commands.

Nobody's 2nd Amendment rights were violated. The officers didn't attempt to take away the guns or arrest anyone.

Nobody's 4th Amendment rights were violated. The officers didn't attempt to "frisk" anyone.

What the officers did do is start up a conversation. You have to remember officers are civilians too, so they can approach people and talk to them and ask whatever they want. It's the response of the citizen that triggers different parts of the law.

Regarding identification. There is no law saying you have to have ID on you, but an officer can ask you if you have any ID on you. That is just conversation. This is a trick tactic as I explain below. The best thing is to not have any ID on you and say you don't have any ID on you. That solves the ID problem. If the officer asks if you have ID on you and you say yes, then they will ask if they can see it. If you say no then they can say this makes them reasonably suspicious something is wrong, which equals probable cause for detainment/search/arrest.

The trick is probable cause. Once an officer has probable cause they have far more policing power, to make an arrest for example. Probable cause is only "reasonable suspicion" which can be argued effectively from the cop's perspective. So the trick is to not do anything that gives cops any cause to be suspicious, while also maintaining all your rights.

Technically, you are correct about the girls having the option to simply walk away without saying anything. However, if the cops wanted to they could have stopped them anyway by saying the fact the girls were exiting a business with a gun gave them reasonable suspicion (probable cause) a crime had been committed. That means they could have then legally detained them to investigate. If you're going to rebel against a police encounter there are ways to do it successfully, but you should know ALL the legal tricks because cops usually do and if you mess up you can still find yourself arrested, legally.