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Is the RonPaulChannel available on Roku?

Or is it just Chomecast and Apple TV? We just unsubscribed from DirectTV and bought a roku but I’m a bit disappointed that I haven't seen an app for Ron's channel.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

I do not know.

I do not have a Roku.

I recently re-upped on cable.

This is an interesting development for me, because I am so anti-TV. But there is one thing that I want to watch play out here, and that is the career of Tom Brady. This man is a superstar in our midst. Won the Superbowl with Belechick three times. Bet getting to be a long time ago.

They also lost a couple together.

And you have to figure Brady is getting frustrated with all this personnel BS. Can they just hire guys who get the job done. I suppose if murder here weren't illegal, he would still be playing.

A fascinating twist of the justice system is playing out there.

Amd meanwhile, Brady jjust wants someone - ANYONE - who can catch the damn ball. It is thrown to them, and they can't catch it. They're new. They don't quite get the system yet. Not their fault, really. The question is - why do we have so many freaking newbies on the team?

Why can't we keep a team together, and let the team gel and grow together into a powerhouse?


The fault goes back to Belechick, for this crappy personnel decisions. He is the coach and the GM. Why is Welker gone? Why is Woodhead gone? Why's that other good guy gone? Why's half the team injured? Why this whole crappy offense, surrounding this golden jewel known as Brady.

Get that guy another Randy Moss! Get him a Jerry Rice! Get him a Steve Largent. Why did you let Wes Welker go?

- - - - - -

What the hell did they bring Tebow in for? What was going on there? Just a big F-U to the Jets? Political bullshit?

Seriously. I wanted to see Tebow play!

No one thought he would ever challenge Brady's spot. The idea was preposterous. Everyone knew it.

We've already got a quarterback, thanks. Where are you going to play, Tebow?

I WANTED TO SEE YOU PLAY! YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL WITH THE BRONCOS. You had the gift. I want to see if you've still got it, or if it is just on loan.

I wanted to see Tebow take Hernandez's spot. Take one for the team. Take one for redemption. Let the beautiful Christian take the place of the murderer. Let him demonstrate his beliefs in action, if only symbolically. Let us see him sacrifice his life long dream to be a Quarterback in the NFL.

Let us see him die, only to be reborn again.


(But that wouldn't be nice, or fair.) (Or of any use at all.)(Yes it was)

As a media creation, I have no idea who or what you are. If this were a reality show? If this were the Truman Show? What role would he play? How would he serve to advance the plot?

That is what I'm interested in.

Tim Tebow, for whatever reason, unites a lot of people. I was looking forward to watching him stand on the sidelines this season. And a little piece of that died when they cut him. And another little piece of that died with the Welker trade. And the Woodhead loss. And signing Amandola, or however you spell his name, this the lesser-Welker.

How could Management do that to Brady? This is the Michael Jordan of Football that we're talking about.

Or maybe he's not. Maybe No 18 of the Broncos, Mr. Manning, has taken his place. The Broncos got Welker. He wanted out. OUT of Boston. Belechick tweaked him, and he didn't like it.

But the Broncos (apparently) have a better understanding of what it takes, as an organization, to win. They are dominant this year. Like the Pats of years past. Flying high. Dominant.

The Cowboys suck again, as usual.

Seattle is a beautiful surprise. The way they pummeled SF on Sunday night. Wow. That was unexpected. And refreshing. After so many years out in the desert, they're finally good again, and look like they will be, for a while. I love that young kid Wilson at QB. Not such a big fan of Pete Carroll, the coach, however. I find his mere presence annoying. Maybe that's just because he was the head coach before Belechick here in New England. I always liked hearing about the guy before Brady - He went to Washington State. Always was a fan of his. He had great stats, but I don't think he ever won a superbowl. And Brady took over for him because of an injury.

It is almost impossible to imagine the Pats without Brady.

- - -- - - -

So Tim! You've got an opportunity here. Obviously you're athletic. OBVIOUSLY YOU COULD PLAY TIGHT END! Obviously the Pats need your help. Obviously you can sacrifice yourself. (For the PATRIOTS, no less. Take one for the team. Take one for your country. We need ya man!) Obviously, you will experience His pain at the end.

How do you imagine the end was for Him? Was it terrible? Or had He already found peace?

One book that had me in tears - I finished it up on an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Greece. I was so disoriented. It was so many countries, and so many cultures util that point. Germany, Amsterdam, France, Spain, - No Portugal on that trip - Greece, Egypt, Israel.

It was crazy. And Egypt was so different. It felt like a last straw. And it was, of sorts. That is where I realized that every day is a new day. And every day, you are a new person. But most times, you're way too distracted to notice it. But it is true.


Your dream would have to die, in order for you to live again. It is the same for all of us.

Let the dead bury the dead.

Die to be born again.