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FOI Lawyer: Newtown Broke Law By Withholding Sandy Hook 911 Calls

The Hartford Courant ~ By Matthew Kauffman

Title: FOI Lawyer: Newtown Broke Law By Withholding Sandy Hook 911 Calls

Newtown officials violated state law when they refused to release tapes of 911 calls made during the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a Freedom of Information Commission lawyer has ruled in a preliminary report that chastised both Newtown police and state prosecutors.

Kathleen K. Ross, a hearing officer with the commission, said Newtown police offered little evidence supporting their contention that the tapes were exempt from release under the state's Freedom of Information laws. Instead, she wrote, the police department merely deferred to state prosecutors, who instructed Newtown to withhold the tapes because they related to an ongoing investigation.

Ross wrote that it is settled law in Connecticut that an ongoing investigation is not by itself sufficient grounds to deny access to public records — and particularly 911 tapes.

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Still waiting ... the

Still waiting ... the surveillance video, identification of the people in the woods, plausible reenactment of events that match crime scene evidence, etc. etc. etc.

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Sandy Hoax = One Big Lie!

Why is it ALL so secretive?

We, the people have the RIGHT to know and we, the people DEMAND to know. Else, we the people WILL replace the tyranny.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

What Are They HIDING ? ? ?

The fifth Amendment {self incrimination} only applies to individuals accused of a crime as far as I know.


Nothing like an OPEN

Nothing like an OPEN GOVERNMENT....I mean FOIAs are only designed to waste the government's time, it is not there to hold them accountable to the truth...I guess there are lazy and worthless government employees about....everywhere.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Thanks for the post.


What would the Founders do?