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LP Candidate lists his 'race' among reasons to elect him Governor of Virginia

on the website of Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Virginia, it says:

'Robert Sarvis is also the best choice to represent the increasingly diverse population of Virginia. He is mixed-race (half-Chinese) and open-minded.'


I know if either of the other candidates in the race, mentioned being all white, and said that made them the best choice to represent the (not so diverse) population of Virginia, they would be called racists.

I think this is a good example of how Diversity is now (probably) the most highly respected quality by mainstream America. I wish Love, Honor, and Goodness, would take its place. Quickly.

And no, I do not have a problem with his race, or his right to free speech, I am just sick of the mindless double standards of our society, either all racial pride is wrong, or none is.

What do you guys think? love you all!

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I didn't like it at first, but...

then I wondered if maybe it was done to prevent the usual "white racist right wing nut" nonsense from being used on him.

You're right though, if a white politician or white folks said "I voted for so and so because we share the same race", the MSM along with certain civil rights groups would have a field day with it.

In any event, I don't see any harm in anyone mentioning it.

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My two cents

I'm Chinese American myself from NYC and very recently, one of the candidates in the Democratic primary for mayor John Liu lost. A lot of people within the Chinese American community vetted for him but I really felt they did it only because he was Chinese. I don't fault them, it's within their right, but I hope their judgment about him mainly focuses on his ideas and platform he was running on. I consider myself a libertarian too even though I'm a registered Republican, but I see it more as a philosophical and ideological trait of mine, not strictly a political trait. As a Chinese American and a libertarian, I can see how people can take his referencing himself as mixed race both a good and bad campaigning move. I would hope that above pride in one's race comes understanding that we all are Americans created equal under whatever higher power we individually choose to believe or not to believe in. I really admire the Libertarian party, and although I don't think he's intentionally playing the race card just to garner votes, I do hope that the party and its members do not resort to favoring one race over the other like we've seen those in the status quo do on a regular basis. It would be against libertarian values in my opinion.

he is a great candidate

although mentioning race is lame, but he is very socially libertarian and is trying to prove it by pointing out his non vanilla family and background. he has other things to say besides the matter of fact of his race... there is plenty of meat in the stew.

I Love LP Candidates

One of the things I love about libertarian (especially Libertarian) candidates is how blunt they are. They make terrible politicians, but most of them would do a much better job in office defending freedom than the ones who know how to hide the truth.

Sometimes the Democrats are the majority, and the Republicans are in the minority, and sometimes it's the reverse (depending on where you live), but Libertarians are always even more in the minority than the majority of the minority are.

Here, he's simply pointing out the truth: that being a half-Chinese Libertarian candidate for office gives him insight into what it feels like to be in the minority. It's hard to imagine anyone would consider his statement false, but it may not be politically correct.

Most of us have had the same experience of being in the minority of one, so anyone who defends the rights of the individual has some appeal to us.

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