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Can you say Psyops ?


I have WAY to much to say on this ...

I guess the newton thing didn't work so this happened

... but didn't they arrest Adam a few weeks ago so thing couldn't have happened.

I'll save the rest till I know more

Enjoy your propaganda folks ~ This should be good !!!

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Oh boy, here we go again

Just please, whatever you say, make sure you back it up with FACTS.

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Obama needs to listen to Pat

"Although she emerged unscathed, Pat said she would have felt safer if she had been permitted to carry her own gun to work. 'I'm a gun owner, and so is my husband,’ Pat said, ‘but I work in D.C. so I can’t carry a weapon. Now I wish they would let us do it anyway. I felt like a fool walking around unarmed after shots were fired.’"

Again, initial reports are talking about multiple shooters. In a week it will probably be lone gunman again.

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