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The Good Cop Calendar: 73 Days To Go

The Good Cop Calendar is going live with a kickstarter page designed to run for 9 days for the first phase of the project: the info card for photo hunters.

THE GOOD COP CALENDAR will be a 12-month wall calendar with a monthly large photo of a police officer from somewhere around the country doing their job. The blank spaces on the calendar also will hold a picture.

The pictures will be submitted by individuals around the country as photographs or videos. The people who submit the winning pictures for the 12 months plus the cover, as well as the winning police departments as chosen by visitors to the website, get a bunch of free calendars.

The calendar will be awarded as a 'reward' for contributing $20 to the calendar portion of the kickstarter project.


The idea is a yearly wall calendar with pictures of good cops doing their jobs across the country, submitted by people all over the country.

The purpose is to highlight the many times police do something good and it gets overlooked.

The greater purpose is outreach - to get people interacting with police, and to teach them that it is not illegal to photograph or film a police officer.


I'd like to do business with others here with the printing of the calendars,
The info cards
A host for a website
Website design
Website hosting


This is the cheap and easy part. A simple kickstarter (it qualifies I would argue as a creative project) would get the $200 or so necessary to print 10,000 doublesided cards, 2 1/2 times the project goal of 4000, plus postage to distribute them to the kickstarter 'donors'. A minimum $1 kickstarter pledge gets 20 cards delivered with about a 2 cent profit to spare. If I don't reach the $200 kickstarter goal I'll meet it myself.

The calendar is the second stage of the project. The first stage is the outreach - spreading the word, collecting the photographs, distributing the information cards that explain what the project is on one side and the law on the other.

Designing and distributing the cards I can do.

Setting up a kickstarter for the cards I can do. Printing the cards I can do.


Another reason for the cards is because the photographs used in the calendar will be voted on. Then the top 12 plus the cover are chosen, plus around 20 for the extra spaces on the calendar.

Getting an account at imgur I can do.

Designing a website that tabulates the votes I can't.


(Or the opportunity)

Obviously a calendar is something you would want to receive around or usually before January first. Delivery in time for Christmas is even better. So reality has a deadline that can't be negotiated with. Even if we do everything right there's still the possibility that things might go wrong.

So as a contingency plan, a single panel of just January could be delivered to the eventual calendar recipient. Hopefully that won't happen though.


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I posted a related idea in

I posted a related idea in another thread

I saw a good cop today

But I didn't have time to take a picture :( Was on my way to an interview.

He was helping someone out on the side of their road with car troubles.

It's kind of funny that I just saw this post this morning, and then I saw that happen. It's not like seeing a cop protecting and serving instead of screwing and collecting is a common sight.

Ok - got something going on facebook.


Facebook is neato.

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Here is the kickstarter page promoting the first phase...

It can't go live until it is approved, but there it is (so far - need to make a video)


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Find me a picture

Find me a picture of a cop working to get rid of the bad cops (sorry - bad cop belongs to the department of redundancy department), and then you'll have a picture of a good cop. That cop won't have his job for long, btw. Until then, I don't believe there are any.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Text of card - We are smashing through stereotypes...

about cops. They're not all bad. Some of them are good - and we're collecting pictures to prove it!

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Recent ruling on law protecting right to film...

Appeals Court Rules It Is Not Illegal To Film Police


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I just had a vision of seeing

I just had a vision of seeing a cop doing a good deed, then going to film them and having them suddenly turn evil.

"What are you doing? Stop filming me or I'll arrest you."
"Oh, well I was going to document a good cop protecting and serving, but I guess it just changed to documenting a bad cop infringing on my rights."

I'm finding out if I can open a second account on photobucket...

Otherwise there's a couple other hosting sites to try. Imgur is out because it would have the same password as my yahoo account.

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The problem I have...

The problem I have with the concept of a "good cop" is that I don't think that they exist. Any cop that will turn a blind eye to corruption and bad cops on any level has committed conspiracy. They are just as guilty as those that have committed the actual crimes. They are like the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. The only good cops are those that don't become cops.


You don't get it. It's about photographing cops being good.

It isn't saying that any particular cop is 'good.'

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Ohhhhhhh !!!!!

Ohhhhhhh !!!!! you mean something that should be the normal everyday occurrence has now become such a rarity that we need to make a calendar about it. I get what you are saying now, sorry my mistake. How about a calendar of cops beating innocent people you could title it "Beat it, just beat it" ?


This idea started out almost exactly a year ago as just that.

It was first called the 'Candid Cops Calendar' and it was supposed to be secretly taken pics. And it wasn't a calendar at first, that was an outcropping from another idea about distributing Oath Keepers literature.

If I made this about attacking police it would be easy to attack me. By making it about good cops, I am forcing my detractors to attack something that would be celebrated in a sane society.

Also, by the way, I did not get my idea from this:

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I Just set up the kickstarter page for the cards...

Hope I meet all their requirements.

Also verified identity through Amazon payments.

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Could be done

Coming up with 12 cops we agree are good is gonna be the hardest part.

Second is getting approval from said cops to be featured.

The second inputs most unpredictability to the time line. However if you did this to all exclusion for 90 days you could come out with a product.

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Thanks - I was hoping you would see this.

Ever publish a calendar?

I just submitted the cards part to kickstarter for acceptance. I'm thinking no more than 15, probably more like 10 days for the 'cards' part of the project, and to be successful. So I'll get the cards made right away so they can be sent out immediately.

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Not all by myself

however yes and I've worked enough in traditional print to not be intimidated by it. Print is all about "camera ready artwork" done to perfect final scale. Print requires much higher resolution work than we dream of on the web. And they are fairly expensive to produce, requiring at minimum:

1. The photographer (or works of fine artists).

2. A copy/content writer/editor.

3. A layout/graphic (commercial) artist.

4. The printer/binder.

Besides that it's pretty simple ;)

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I think this is a great idea!

I think this is a great idea! We've got to reach our police force with the truth, and to do that, they have to know we care.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Overall timeline - deadline December 15 ship date

90 days to work with...

Kickstarter for $200 to print 'project' cards up to 10 days

Kickstarter for calendar up to 60 days

Time to transfer funds from kickstarter to printer 1 day
Printing time for 2,000 calendars - 2 days
Days to receive from printer 1 to 5
Shipping prep 2 days

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this'll make for a

real short ass year comin up, say bout 10 days worth.

I'm sorry - I was unclear that it is not a 2013 calendar...

It will be a 2014 calendar.

Sorry for the confusion.

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