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Video: Rand Paul visits West Louisville community center, calls for felons to have voting rights restored

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Rand also testifying this week

on mandatory minimums at a hearing chaired by Patrick Leahy.


Sen. Rand Paul calls for restoring felons' voting, gun rights

by Joseph Gerth
Sep. 16, 2013 7:57 PM

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul told a largely black audience Monday in Louisville that he will push to restore the voting and gun-ownership rights of felons who have completed their sentences — and he will urge state Senate Republicans to follow his lead.

Currently in Kentucky, felons must petition the governor to get their voting rights restored.

“I am in favor of letting people get their rights back, the right to vote ... Second Amendment rights, all your rights to come back,” he said. “I know of one man who 30-some-odd years ago had pot plants in his closet in college, got a felony conviction in college, still can’t vote, and it’s plagued him his whole life trying to get work.”

The Republican’s comments came at the Plymouth Community Renewal Center in western Louisville as he spoke with community leaders about issues that affect African Americans. Additionally, as he has done in the past, he called for doing away with mandatory minimum sentences in the federal criminal justice system, saying they are often too harsh.

The Rev. Patrick Delahanty, the executive director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky and who was not at the meeting, applauded Paul’s stance on restoring voting rights in a later interview. He said Paul’s comments could help advance the issue during the next session of the General Assembly.


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Rand is correct. Individuals

Rand is correct. Individuals should not be permanently stripped of their right to vote and right to defend themselves because of a "felony" in their past.

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I really don't understand why anyone would be opposed to this. Unfortunately it is the case that felons are barred from voting in many parts of the country... it's time to fix that and I am glad Rand is taking up the cause.

Considering that having pro-liberty

political leanings could be considered a felony in the not too distant future, it certainly makes sense to restore voting rights.

Truth becomes treason...

in an empire of lies.