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Who Steals More: IRS or the Fed? Tax Collection & Inflation Side-by-side

An article at CNS shows that the IRS collected more taxes this year than ever before "EXCEPT if one calculates 2007 revenues in 2013 dollars."

That is a curious statement, considering 2007 was only six years ago. Treasury provides the numbers below, with the first column being collected revenues and the second column their value in 2013 dollars.

1998: 1,540,474 ... 2,207,659.90

1999: 1,626,454 ... 2,280,511.10

2000: 1,805,566 ... 2,449,320.53

2001: 1,831,708 ... 2,416,034.23

2002: 1,660,527 ... 2,156,156.00

2003: 1,590,675 ... 2,019,431.07

2004: 1,672,432 ... 2,068,149.42

2005: 1,901,703 ... 2,274,604.27

2006: 2,123,378 ... 2,460,378.00

2007: 2,282,318 ... 2,571,309.02

2008: 2,251,414 ... 2,442,703.10

2009: 1,885,712 ... 2,053,234.55

2010: 1,916,539 ... 2,053,123.25

2011: 2,062,347 ... 2,141,347.47

2012: 2,187,527 ... 2,225,657.28

2013: 2,472,542

This is how even 2% inflation rates compounding year after year to steal value from each one of us. What it says, for example, is that the $2,000 I've kept hidden in the sock drawer for the last ten years buys only $1,600 worth of goods today.

By holding the Fed's fiat, I suffered a $400 loss in 10 years. That's similar paying a $40 annual fee for being a saver, the bedrock of our capitalist system.

Small wonder there are so few savers. But most people don't save because inflation eats their earnings faster than compounding interest from a bank could ever replace it; mostly, they are too impatient and prefer to buy goodies on credit, whose rates makes the Fed's silent theft look like a sweetheart deal.


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I guess I read the title

I guess I read the title wrong, you are only applying inflation to tax revenues. I read it as tax revenue income vs. value stolen through inflation. To get that you would either compare total new money printed and borrowed each year vs. taxes or compare yearly inflation multiplied times all available dollars in the world, both physical and digital vs. tax revenue. Money is taken from us in the form of taxes (and it sounds as if your example includes only Federal Income taxes) and it is also taken by stealing purchasing power through inflation. This would be an even better story in my opinion.

So why contribute?

Why hand over your hard earned money when you don't have too? I stopped paying income tax back in 2010. Haven't heard a peep from the IRS or my state. I redeem lawful money, and I am currently looking into relinquishing my SSN as I can find no law that compels me to take part in that either.

It's all voluntary. You just have to be mindful of the contracts and commitments that you make or there will be hell to pay.

Oh they'll get you. In time

Oh they'll get you. In time my friend. They will get you.

Doubt it

Contrary to your beliefs, paying income tax is VOLUNTARY. As is taking part in Social Security. No where, in no statue, in law, or United States Code are you compelled to take part in either system.

You do so of your own free will. You endorse your check without remedy, you are endorsing a private contract and will be held to that promise. You sign a W-4, your social security payment will be taken from your check. You try to dishonor your agreement, you will be held accountable.

The laws governing federal reserve notes are PRIVATE law. Why Erwin Schiff could not, I REPEAT, COULD NOT use the Constitution as his defense in his court case and lost. You can't use public law to shield your actions from private law. The remedy is not to take part in private law.

Double Mint. Double Mint. Double Mint Government!

The Fed & the IRS are "mirror image" twins.

The Fed: Loaning you blind, since 1913.

The Iris: Taxing you blind, since 1913.

    President Reagan asked innocently, "Where do all our income tax payments go?" He created the "Grace Commission" to find out.

    Brief summary: Your Income Tax payments completely disappear.

    "In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government."

    - 'Grace Commission' ordered by President Ronald Reagan

The Fed has a huge interest in its pet interest project: USA National Debt. A century of interest-only payments: 100 years of making you believe what you cannot audit.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

The Fed and the IRS are

Both from the same theif gang of the zionist Rothschild crime family.

To ask which branch of the Rothschild mafia steals more in my mind is meaningless. They are both extortionist and theives and both under control of the same human scum Rothschilds. The criminal counterfiet orgnized corporation FED Reserve is the justification (creating the false national debt out of thin air) that is used by the criminal IRS to identify any that disagree and would resist and put them into lockdown in prison work slave farms.

So who was worse on the plantation. The slave that was use to wip the other slaves or the white feild boss that sent the slaves over to the wipping slave for punishment. Who was worse?

Why would anyone care who was worse. They both are worse.


It's not a simple question at all,

since the Fed causes asset prices to skyrocket by destroying the dollar, making paper profits appear much larger than they would in the absence of Fed-caused inflation.

Inflating profits artificially in this way boosts the tax burden; so who really stole it, the Chicken or the Fed?

I'll credit the Fed with at practically all long-term capital gains taxes and maybe half of corporate taxes.

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Perhaps the question is: who steals from whom: IRS or Fed?

Since We the Taxpayers do not matter in this equation, then perhaps the real question is: who steals our money from whom: IRS or Fed?

Since the Fed is causing inflation, then its also stealing purchasing power from the U.S. government.

On the other hand, the Fed is also manipulating interest rates, which INCREASES the U.S. government's buying power by sparing money that would ordinarily go toward debt service.

Maybe then, that's Ben Bernanke's "Good Deed" to make up for the otherwise bare-faced theft? Maybe not: the low-interest rate policy is what helps fuel the easy money that's been causing inflation in the first place, hasn't it?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"