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The forgotten issue

is illegal immigration. Everyone was talking about it, but now it's been replaced by the economy and the war. But doesn't this issue affect our economy? Our health care system? Our education system? Doesn't this issue demonstrate how hypocritical the neocons are in their war on terror to defend us, but it's not imperative for them to protect our borders?

Here's how the U.S. Border Control scores the candidates:

A- Ron Paul
C+ Mitt Romney
F John McCain
F Mike Huckabee
F Rudy Giuliani
F Barak Obama
F Hillary Clinton
F John Edwards


I wonder why this has become a forgotten issue?

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I guess the organization might not be the 'official one'.

RP is the only conservative

I would have to rate most of the American peoples ablity reason, and think for themselves as an F. A lot of people are starting to realize what is going on, but it may be too little, too late. Those other politicans are selling us out, or even worse, giving our country away to special interests. God help us.