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Barron's letter: Thanks Adam Rayn!

Letters to the Editor

A Candidate for Investors?

To the Editor:
How can you discuss the presidential candidates' economic credentials without mentioning Ron Paul (Follow-Up: "Who's Best for Investors," Jan. 14, and the July 2, 2007, cover story, "The Mitt and Bill Show," both by Jim McTague)?

Ron Paul doesn't want to cut the income tax or institute the "fair tax" -- he wants to abolish the federal income tax. He also has plans to cut federal-government spending without [incurring] further debt. Paul is the only candidate who criticizes the Fed. And he favors free-market solutions for health care, energy and education. In fact, he favors a free-market solution for everything. Considering that Barron's "consistently favored market-driven points of view" in its analysis of the candidates, Paul probably would have received the highest rating.

Please don't write Paul off as a noncontender. He has more delegates than Rudy Giuliani. His support grows every day, and would probably grow faster if he had more media exposure.

Why doesn't Barron's lead the way?

Adam Ryan
Olathe, Kan.

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