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Men's Wearhouse losing business after firing founder George Zimmer

Sales are down 10% at Men's Wearhouse. This is, clearly, a bad thing. One that needs to be explained by someone like, say, the CEO of the company, Doug Ewert. And why are things so grim, according to Ewert? Brides. And triskaidekaphobia. Seriously.


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its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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They can file bankruptcy

They can file bankruptcy after the holidays with JCP then...

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Actually, the company grew by

Actually, the company grew by 21% in the first quarter so him being fired had nothing to do with bad performance.
Well, lets see if theres a repeat of what Apple did with Steve Jobs.

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Zimmer was fired because he stood up to Executive Zombies!!

Zimmer was fired because he stood up to Executive Zombies!! Listen! There is a deadly culture in the corporate executive world. I've seen it at work in my own company, and its all but killing it.

Ever since 2000, the corporate world has been doing two things: cutting costs, and raising executive compensation. They've cut costs by slashing workers and shipping tasks overseas, and upped executive salaries to the stratosphere, falsely assigning real value to executive decisions rather than quality products. The result is our hollowed-out deindustrialised economy.

Zimmer tried to buck this deadly trend and criticized the board for cost-cutting and giving themselves bonuses and raises. Result? THEY FIRED HIM. And now, without a competent hand on the rudder, this ship is heading for the rocks.

It doesn't take one thing to see sales suffer. Its a combination of stupid actions by a collective board to kill a corporation. That's what happened to Bulova watch company in the 50s. Old man Bulova had foresight and made long-term investments. When he died, the board took over, sold off Bulova's interests in quartz mines, and paid a big dividend. Shortly thereafter, a rival company developed quartz movement, and Bulova's tuning fork technology was obsolete. A few more mistakes by the board, and the company was dead. Today, its a faux label for a Japanese firm.

Be it Bulova in the 50s or Zimmer's firm today, the lesson is clear: greedy board members make shortsighted selfish collective decisions, and ultimately kill themselves.

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Well, he probably shouldn't have shot Tavon

"I kill young black street youths. You're gonna like the way you look."

Tupe grows legs and runs away down his back.

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You are joking


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I was, but misspelled "toupee"

Perhaps they show the commercials more often in my part of the country


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I Think

They need a Japanese sprokesman...

You're gonna....:)~

Chicken or egg?

Are sales down because Zimmer was fired - but got a multi-million dollar contract to continue to do commercials, or was he fired because sales were dropping?

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