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Just Another Out of Control Cop

The video does not capture the events leading to the officer taking a husband, wife and son into custody, so it's not possible to judge how their behavior may have contributed to his apparent overreaction. The youtube description simply states he was blocking their driveway due to an ongoing traffic stop and they wanted him to move.


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Watching It Again

It occurred to me that the cop failed to take the two infants still in the back of the truck cab into custody as well. Sloppy, sloppy.

he was not done yet.. he had

he was not done yet.. he had to get the boots on to stump the babies heads in.

I hope they keep on doing this.

Where is the people's database of all cops names and where they live?

Someone needs to start keeping track of EVERYONE of them thugs and bystanders who let their partners do what they do.

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