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Verdict Moments Away: Cop Testifies Against Fellow Cop in Murder Trial

Verdict in: Aggravated Assault: Guilty 5 - 15 yrs Sentencing awaits 'Assault' phase
Thug with a badge shot and killed a 29 yr old bicyclist and his dog.
Fellow cop has crossed the 'thin blue line' and testified against him.


Former Phoenix police officer Richard Chrisman will soon learn his fate when the split verdict in his murder trial is read at 10 a.m. today.

This trial pitted officer against officer and expert witness against expert witness. The other officer on the scene when the shooting occurred was Sergio Virgillo. He told investigators neither the dog nor Rodriguez posed a threat and Chrisman shot both of them for no reason.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez painted Chrisman as a rogue, irresponsible cop with an attitude problem, who, on the day of the shooting, had an agenda when it came to Rodriguez.

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In ten years he'll be walking

funny from all the intra-cell-u-lar protology in prison.

When he gets out he'll be looking for a way to get back in.

When will people learn to

When will people learn to stop calling the cops. They only make things worse.

Background article

The Phoenix Police Department arrested one of its own officers on charges of assault with a deadly weapon following the shooting death of a 29-year-old man.

Richard Chrisman, 36, a nine-year veteran of the force, shot and killed the man after holding a gun to his temple and yelling at him, deploying a Taser on him, hitting him in the eyes with pepper spray, and killing his dog, according to the police report.

Police said the son, Danny Rodriguez, 29, was committing criminal damage inside his mother's trailer when they arrived. The mother, Elvira Fernandez, said Rodriguez had argued with her, damaged her property, and that she left because she was afraid he would assault her, according to the police report.

However, Rodriguez said she told police not to hurt her son.

"I said just ask him to leave," Fernandez said. "They killed him for no reason. They just shot him. It's wrong what happened. It's not right the way it went down."

The report outlines this series of events: The officers went to the trailer upon the mother's request and Chrisman entered to speak with Rodriguez. Virgillo was behind Chrisman.

Rodriguez entered the living room and began telling the officers, specifically Chrisman, they had no right to be in the trailer and they needed a warrant or would need to leave.

A verbal exchange began and Chrisman placed the muzzle of his pistol against Rodriguez's temple, saying, "I don't need no warrant, (expletive)."

Virgillo said there was no threat being made toward either officer and that he didn't know why Chrisman would have placed his gun against Rodriguez's temple.

Chrisman then returned his pistol to his holster. He tried to grab Rodriguez's arms in an attempt to detain him and Virgillo attempted to assist. The two officers were unable to restrain Rodriguez.
Chrisman used his Taser on Rodriguez, who dropped to the floor. Chrisman knelt by Rodriguez, but when the Taser deployment ended they both stood up.

Virgillo then used his Taser on Rodriguez, but when the Taser ended Rodriguez pulled the probes from his chest.

Chrisman next sprayed Rodriguez in the eyes with pepper spray from about 1 foot away. He also pulled his pistol and shot a pit bull that was in the living room.
Virgillo said in the follow-up report that the dog had been barking but had not tried to attack either of the officers.

Rodriguez began arguing with Chrisman about why he shot the dog. Rodriguez said he wanted to leave on his bicycle. Chrisman and Rodriguez became involved in a physical confrontation from across the bicycle's frame.

The struggle continued between the two until Chrisman drew his pistol again, raised it upward toward Rodriguez and shot him from a distance of about 2 to 3 feet as he was standing on the other side of the bicycle.

Virgillo later said he believed more than one shot was fired. He said both he and Rodriguez took a step back when Chrisman drew his gun.

Virgillo also said he did not feel threatened to the point of using a gun, and that at no time did he see a weapon in Rodriguez's hands.

Chrisman has not made a statement since being advised of his Miranda rights.


update: Assault vs. Aggravated Assault next

The jury failed to reach a verdict on the second-degree murder charge and animal cruelty in the October 2010 shooting deaths of 29-year-old Daniel Rodriguez and his pit bull.

The unanimous guilty verdict was read by the court clerk Tuesday morning at Maricopa County Superior Court.

The aggravation phase of the trial will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday, according to a court spokesman.

If aggravated assault factors are found, Chrisman could face betwen five and 15 years in prison. If no aggravating factors are found, he could face between five and seven years.

Bump. Keep us posted.

Let justice prevail and liberty win.

It didn't.

It didn't.

What the final result? The

What the final result? The last update mentioned that guilty on 1 count and still deciding on other 2 counts.

hung jury....

on the other 2 counts... 2nd degree murder and animal cruelty.
Juries weren't unanimous... so no sentencing on those counts.


agreed on only 1 of 3 counts... jury hung/still deliberating on other 2..
on count of Aggravated assault w/ a weapon: Guilty

Murder count still no verdict...

Wow. Guilty on aggravated assault.

And not murder.

"Yeah, I meant to completely disable the guy, but kill him? No...my life was in danger even though the perp had no weapons what-so-ever."

I guarantee the department retaliates against the HONORABLE officer.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


fairly accurate off-the-cuff assessment.
Crissman defense was that Rodriguez was going to "kill me with a bicycle".

Off-the-cuff is what people tolerate in other

areas of the interwebs. The DP, imo, is very unique in this regard.

I used to give huge, bibliography-esque posts but it didn't help anything. Trying to shine light on the bottom line seems to work against the sheeple at places like CNN, Fox, etc.

Anyway, if all the information is correct, Crissman should never wear a badge again as well as see some jail time.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

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