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National ID Director--Mr. Darrell Williams

Interviewed after PA Intergovernmental Affairs Committee on January 23rd, 2008. Republic Media's Sam Ettaro asks Williams about Homeland Security's concerns over contract providers for biometric identity solutions. Pakistani engineer responsible for biometric systems that help the States comply with Real ID of no real concern to Mr. Williams, apparently. NOTE: In his interview with the local news reporter, please note how he refers to "Federal databases" then later when asked about this, he denies it saying there are no federal databases. He also blatantly says on camera that biometrics are not involved a point on which Ettaro takes him to task.


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Hail Bush

Lets see?
National data base. What is you do not drive? Then they will make you get a state ID.
Then an all they need to do is connect all the debit cards, credit cards, check numbers, payroll checkes, telephone bills, utility bills, mortagages, stock purchases, internet bills, along with numbers of others that are requiring to show proff of your ss #. Then they will know every f'n movement you make!
This is freedom?
They are using terrorism, and illegal immagration to entrap the population. Under a facism government!


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

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States Rebellion to Real ID Act

Write your congressman and get them to join what theyre calling the "States Rebellion" to the Real ID.
So many states have said they would not implement Real ID in their states.

good site

and good reporting by new media!