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Example of Mis-Info - Sun "Killshot"

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Eric Dollard says the sun has no mass

that the sun is a transformer, not a power source. It burns nothing, and the only images we see of light, is display through our atmosphere. The proof, is that the sun cannot be seen from space.

I know what your thinking, but please don't comment without knowing his work first. Video at bottom.

What we do physically see (in light) are solar flares, and only the solar flares are involved in a form of fusion.

Eric Dollard, is known for recreating and completing a lot of Tesla's work. The downside is Dollard is lost right now, messed up on meth somewhere. He has an enormous background though and is one of the most respected scientists in the modern age, especially with his work in Earthquakes and his Tesla experiments.

Here is a video where he talks about this type of thinking, how its frowned upon, but makes perfect sense. Here he talks about the sun and planets being hollow, and the real reason for gravity.

Scroll to 47:00 -> 51:00


Solar Killshot - The Facts


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Exactly...most are not aware of the Carrington Event

We've seen flares big enough to cause a Carrington even in the last couple years...but non of them hit the earth.


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This was only publicized by FOX News so that in 2016

Mitt Romney will actually have an answer for why he had no choice but to use those cheesy spray-on tans during the 2012 elections when they ask him those important 'public-needs-to-know' questions on FOX News' 2016 Voter Informing Debates.

I was

Surprised as well. The clip is just ridiculously presented.

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Love the comment from 6 days ago

"...Wow... I wish I would have heard about this earlier. I'm assuming most people missed this was an image in UV, right? That means in a wavelength that we can't see... Which means, that "black hole" missing from the Sun was still emitting light that WE COULD SEE... Which means...there was nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - at all to this story...

This is what happens when the science is replaced by epic bs in the schools... Don't insult Carl Sagan."

I really can't believe fox has no one versed enough in science to blow the whistle on this guy before they put him on the air.