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Rand Paul Calls for Restoring Felons' Voting, Gun Rights


by Joseph Gerth | The Courier-Journal | Sep. 16, 2013

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul told a largely black audience Monday in Louisville that he will push to restore the voting and gun-ownership rights of felons who have completed their sentences — and he will urge state Senate Republicans to follow his lead.

Currently in Kentucky, felons must petition the governor to get their voting rights restored.

“I am in favor of letting people get their rights back, the right to vote ... Second Amendment rights, all your rights to come back,” he said. “I know of one man who 30-some-odd years ago had pot plants in his closet in college, got a felony conviction in college, still can’t vote, and it’s plagued him his whole life trying to get work.”

The Republican’s comments came at the Plymouth Community Renewal Center in western Louisville as he spoke with community leaders about issues that affect African Americans. Additionally, as he has done in the past, he called for doing away with mandatory minimum sentences in the federal criminal justice system, saying they are often too harsh.

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Interesting A bunch of felons

A bunch of felons make up the rules.
Including branding a lawbreaker as a felon.
Indelible for life.
So this human being is electronically destroyed and barred from participating in the 'so called' legitimate culture.

If a person pays their debt to society they should get a clean start unless they are violent to the point of no control.

Maybe the only place former felons should be barred from is politics.

Credit where credit's due -

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth have been working on this
with respect to voting rights for a while now.


Can't see where it shouldn't extend to RKBA and all other rights
too. Basically, agree with others that when you've done your time
all this should be restored automatically.

Unfortunatly he's giving ammunition

to the enemy that will be used against him in debates.

Ron Swanson

Generally speaking, I say err on the side of truth.

What I mean is, if speaking the truth in an empire of lies is treachery, then speak the truth. I know there may be times when speaking the truth may be political suicide, like saying "rogue elements at the highest levels of our government are behind the tragedy of 911," etc., etc., but this is not such a time. If the enemies say that former felons should never have their rights restored, then they are exposed as a godless person who doesn't believe that a man can change or make restitution for his misdeeds. That is a sick philosophy and should be exposed in a debate. I'm sure Rand can articulate this position well.

Indeed, ammo for enemies it may be, but the truth of a two-edged sharp sword is a powerful weapon by itself. I say use it.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Liberty is Spreading!!


kind people rock


What doesn't the govt understand?

Our rights are inalienable dammit! Go read the Declaration of Independence, sheesh!

I don´t understand why any rights would stop

because you made a mistake..

especially something like voting...

Then again I am not American in any way and I will never understand why in a lot of ways...like xx million people in trailer cars.

For god sakes people feed your people before you go to war.

You always seem like such a poor people.

Clearly ...

if a thing is regulated it is not a right, those are called privileges.

Go Rand!

Ironically, he'll be attacked by the left wing media about this just as much as the right simply because of the 2nd Amendment part. If you restore someone's rights, you restore em. You don't cherry pick.

My greatest fantasy is that Rand takes on the drug war next. That would confuse the hell out of the lefties who like to pretend they see injustice in the "justice" system but are too chickenshit to take on the drug war, which is the foundation of almost ALL of it. Rand could be the greatest champion of civil rights the white house has ever seen. I just pray he doesn't wimp out on it.

Could you add the words 'in Kentucky' to the title?

This is a state thing, not a national thing.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I'm a felon and I've voted every time Ron Paul was an option.

It's a Wisconsin thing.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I agree with Rand on this

If a felon has been released, then he is has been deemed no threat. I also don't remember seeing the part of the 2nd Amendment that says "shall not be infringed...unless your a convicted felon"

If you can't trust someone to be released and be non-violent, don't release them. This is the purpose jails and of the death penalty, and the one thing I disagree with Ron Paul on. While I do agree with him that it needs a crap ton of refinement and is largely prejudge.

This is the only thing Ron Paul has ever changed his mind on

(that I am aware of.)

You know he changed his position the death penalty to against after considering how many people were wrongly convicted.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I do understand why he chooses that position

and I do feel for the injustice...

but often times a "civilized" society justifies things far worth than death, by saying things like "at least we don't have the death penalty" and i fear that far more than a quick death.


Rand is taking a HUGE political risk here.

It IS a huge risk and I gotta

It IS a huge risk and I gotta respect the ballsiness of the move. He's absolutely right of course but he'll be eviscerated by the media for it. They'll trot out victims of "released violent felons" who went out and claimed more lives. Of course this makes up the ultra-extreme minority of felons but all you need is to gin up fear in your audience and you win the argument.

I've not been a big Rand cheerleader but he deserves major props for taking on this incredible issue of injustice. Hope he takes on the drug war next!

*for non-violent felons...

*for non-violent felons... This could actually be really great.