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Radio Legend Returns: Dark Matter w/ Art Bell debuts; Reveals Inside Scoop on Inner Workings of Premier Radio & Clear Channel

Coast To Coast AM Art Bell - 17 September 2013 - Dr. Michio Kaku Discusses Theoretical Science

Disclosure Radio
Published on Sep 17, 2013

Art Bell Returns To Radio

Legendary late night radio host Art Bell is joined by theoretical physicist, best selling author, and popularizer of science Dr. Michio Kaku. Art and Dr Kaku discuss the future of energy the Higgs boson or (God Particle) and the existance of dark matter. Art details what could be the end of out planet as we know it and wonders when the right time is to start preparing for the eventual outcome. Art considers what is next for the human race.

** Okay, so the show debuted with Michio 'Hiroshima was excusable & NEVER question govt's 9/11 fairytale!' Kaku.

But, the really telling part of the show was the 1st 10+ minutes of the show: years ago, a rumor ran amok that Art was accused of something really, really heinous in a sealed indictment.

Well, Art painfully reveals the truth for the first time: his own son had been raped by a scumbag teacher who was HIV+!

Luckily his poor son didn't contract it, but nevertheless as anyone could imagine the horrors and all the psychological traumas that come, after it, never goes away. Worse: Art's enemies took the sealed indictment against the teacher and conflated that to be an actual indictment against Art himself!

This is how legal nebulae/incomplete public records turn into a character assassination.

Then to make matters worse, his Premier Radio & Clear Channel didn't bother to defend a salacious and unfounded charge against one of their biggest contract stars. Those bouts with them are why as he explains, he's been an on/off "serial-retiree."

Granted, Art has always been reticent about further exploring 9/11 false flags, but he was still one of the few who aired controversial topics on radio, to the glee of millions of curious listeners worldwide.

There's no doubt Bell's been a pioneer in the field.

For that, I've always appreciated his works, even though I've come to respect and like George Noory, far, far, far more.

As always, props to the O.G. pioneers who paved the way, for the rest.

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mountaincat's picture

I'm not familiar

with Art Bell but before you put much faith in dark matter you should watch The Primer Fields. Here is part 1 of 3.


I love art bell... only

I love art bell... only problem is the xm is in my car.. will need to get a homekit now I suppose..

Glad hes back on

youtube, google or not, it's become

THE de facto, world's depository of digital archives.D

if you run FireFox, if not familiar: there are a few 'Add-On' plug-ins that 'strip' audio files and convert it into .mp3, so you can listen to it on your smartphone or a dedicated digital player.

I hope that channel doesn't get a CR-hit, but these guys should really learn from the Alex Jones model: 'free' postings = publicity = ardent, loyal fanbase who actually end up buying your stuff, through thick and thin.

Ask Netflix execs: they actually track popularity of various shows by visiting Torrentsites for number of downloads; LOL. wag the dog, in real-time: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/netflix-torrent-sh...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul