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New Facebook Feature That Reads Lips Can Tell When Users Are Staring At It Under Their Breath

Calling it the latest thing in user interface, social media giant announced today that a new feature will read users lips, so they no longer will have to actually scream profanities at their screen - they can simply mouth them.

Users of Facebook and its endless updates, labyrinthine clickthroughs and myriad of options can now relax, knowing that even if their many complaints aren't heard, they will be seen by Facebook through the user's webcam.

"A lot of people people say things under their breath, important, insightful things like 'damn you, I hate you, go to hell Facebook," says Sasha Crisptoast "which are really - useful, for instant user feedback from users, on their Facebook - experience."

"If the program sees the user mouth the words 'What the fa?' it will open a bubble with a link to the help page. 'You son of a!' will instantly unerase the last paragraph. There are lots of useful lip-activated features to explore."

The program was announced on users bulletin boards two weeks ago, is now live, and can be deactivated on the system function page under admin support.

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I should post this on facebook.

I should put this on my facebook page.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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I am!


Have you heard about the new display feature...

that claws your eyes out for you?


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.