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American exceptionalism

Well I have been thinking about what makes Americans special and here is what I came up with..If you don't like it , it is still, well.. true. Religious country in the world. Does not help at all.

1. Porn, biggest porn industry in the world, despite professing marriage, porn all the way, movies, videos, hotel rooms.

2. Violence. Omg who can miss it, beatings and shootings all the time, bleh.

3. War. Always loves sending their little poor children no one cares about them anyway off to war, to kill children, women and men, before getting some leg blown off. This is pretty much the american way of life and favorite pasture.

4. Only country to use weapons of mass destruction.
atom bomb
depleted uranium
agent orange

omg did I miss any ?

5. meddle in every country in the world, you should not.

6. be really good at being hated, cause you kill their citizens.

7. ofc at the same time telling your moronic, low iq citizens, they (those you just dropped bombs on)hate you for your great moral values and your great freedom as those (your rights) are stripped from the constitution. LOL

8. Now I think is a great time for some champagne.

9. I will be saving mine along with a boatload of dill- chips for the great inevitable American collapse

10. I am glad I won´t be there. I feel sorry for you. Prepare.

American exceptionalsism

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