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Judge Napolitano: If Officers at the Navy Yard Had Been Armed A Lot Fewer Would Have Been Killed


Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the Navy Yard shooting and attacker Aaron Alexis.

Brian Kilmeade asked whether we can conclude that the government missed some clear warning signs after reports that Alexis suffered from serious mental health problems.

The judge likened this situation to NSA leaker Edward Snowden in that it's another example of the government being unable to properly vet a vendor or employee who received a security clearance.

"Whatever you think of Edward Snowden and the constitutional wisdom of what he did, the government didn't know he was there. The government obviously didn't know this guy was there," said Napolitano, who then pointed out that Washington, D.C. has in place some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

He said officers at the Navy Yard aren't legally able to carry a weapon once they leave the building. Napolitano questioned why officers on military bases are not armed following Fort Hood and now this latest attack.

"Candidly, we have a problem with the military. If you cannot trust military officers to carry weapons on a military base after Ford Hood and after this, then people don't believe in the Second Amendment at all," he said.

Napolitano said if there were armed military personnel at the Navy Yard yesterday, the casualty figures would have been much lower. Plus, he said the presence of armed officers could have dissuaded the gunman from attacking in the first place.

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Oh what the crap more contradictions

OK so who shot the gunman?

And we heard that he was only seen entering with a shotgun. And it's floated that he was able to gain control of two Glock pistols. By killing their former owners.

Where did those guns come from?

Officers aren't allowed to be armed outside of the buildings yet THAT'S WHERE THE SHOOTER NAILED HIS VICTIMS: INSIDE THE BUILDINGS or so we are told.

Not trying to suggest more guns on that base wouldn't have brought the shooter down sooner but as usual, none of this adds up. The guy had security clearence but was there or was there not any "security" there at all?

Oh yeah, FBI informs us there was no AR-15 involved. Anywhere. Thanks again MSM.

Anybody else wonders what really goes on at that base seeing as it's secured, as we are so informed, that it's secured by a few dudes with slingshots?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.