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Army Basic Training gets a dose of the Constitution!

Check out what our YAL Chapter got done over the Summer! ;D

Young Americans for Liberty - Texas State University's Joseph Sadler went to basic training — and took 60 YAL pocket Constitutions with him! Check out his awesome story:

'I walked up to one of my Drill Sergeants with one of the Constitutions. He looked at it and asked “What ya got there, Sergeant?” I handed it to him and told him that it was one of 60 pocket Constitutions that I got from my student organization back home. He excitedly took it from my hand and said that that was outstanding. “In fact,” he said as he thumbed through it and faced the bay, “Let me read this right here.”

...I then passed the Constitutions out to the Privates, reminding them that it is to the Constitution, first and foremost, that they swore an oath. From then on it was not at all uncommon for me to see the Privates reading them when there was down time during training.'


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Nice job!

Keep up the awesome work!

We have been going to National Guard in surrounding areas and doing the same thing. Unfortunately, some have informed us that they will in fact obey the orders of their superiors and the commander in chief, not the Constitution to which they swore an oath. Some exceptions do exist, but seem to be outnumbered.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Great post!

Those troops soaked it up like a sponge - that was awesome to see.

I wonder if basic training units would pass them out like this guy's drill sergeant did if they came in the mail like a care package. My brother has a tattoo shop right outside of Ft Leonard Wood. I bet if I gave him a box of pocket Constitutions, he'd set them out in the waiting room.

Thank you for this. :-)

Nice work!


What would the Founders do?

Well this gives me an idea

we always see these collections for sending stuff to service personel in the war zones. Pack some of these pocket constitutions in the box.

Great idea.... Even better

Great idea.... Even better than sending packets for candidates.

This should be

This should be a regular thing. I may try getting in contact with one of my DS's and seeing if i could have them sent for his next cycles.

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