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Steve Pieczenik: Join the Navy and star in a TV Reality Show: Admiral Greenert’s McHale’s Navy!

TV Pitch to the New Cable Network –“Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert’s Navy Reality Show”
Catholic Choirboy, Jonathan Greenert, Naval Academy Graduate, Submariner becomes Chief of Naval Operations at the recommendation of Monseigneur Admiral Mullen of famed “SEAL TEAM SIX” TV SHOW.

Key Conflict of Admiral Greenert’s Navy Reality TV Show:
How to get American citizenry and US Congress to appropriate trillions of dollars for useless Navy surface, submarine and aircraft weapons.
Answer: Create a False Flag a la Obama’s Newtown School Massacre but at the US Naval Yard in Washington DC.

Precedence for TV False Flag and Fake Crisis Scenarios:
• 9/11 under Bush Jr and CIA George Tenet, Michael Hayden [NSA, CIA] .
• Obama’s announcement of his having killed the already dead Marfanoid Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan near the Pakistan Military Academy.
• Follow up Faked Movie : “Zero Dark Thirty” By Kathryn Bigelow and DCI John Brennan, “Choir Boy” of the Counter Terrorism and CIA.
• Newtown False Flag with non-existent Asperger’s, schizoid teenage gun enthusiast carrying three guns including an Ar-15 killing 20+ white children and white adults in a fancy NYC rich suburb ---all in three minutes.
• Use FEMA CRISIS ACTORS and make certain they talk about the non-death of the students coupled with the NEED FOR GUN CONTROL!
• Let Obama make another nonsensical Shakespearian speech about the death of children and gun control.
• Ensure POTUS never talks about his incompetence in relieving a 12/20% combined unemployment and underemployment problem.
• Ensure no references made to the disastrous Obamacare and it’s Rube Goldberg machine.
• Ensure that in this new Navy TV reality show, we have no mention of Obama’s failure in the Syrian chem/weap crisis.
• No mention of Obama being aced out by Putin or Assad.

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Yowza. That's old Steve-o...

Tellin' it like it is.

Obamacare a Rube Goldberg machine? Ha!


Pandas eat bugs.

The web has EVERYTHING!

The web has EVERYTHING!