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My experience at a public meeting held by an insurance company concerning the new health care law (Philadelphia)

Given the implementation of the new health care law in PA on October 1st, an affiliated insurance company announced Q&A meetings for the public at a local YMCA.

I wasn't sure what to expect: would there be a large crowd of angry citizens, or a small group of charitably minded folk?

As persons arrived, I prepared my video-phone in order to record a few statements of concern.

When the meeting commenced however, thus began the start of a disappointing evening.

Firstly the request was made to turn my video-phone off and being polite, I did so.

After the representative introduced the outline of the plan, I inquired about the mandate, which she affirmed. When I objected to such a mandate as being unethical, the representative simply said that she would not talk politics.

The presentation continued and what I heard from other citizens was not concern about how coercion would adversely affect others or even themselves; rather the prevailing attitude was "what's in it for me?"

When I then asked how she could rationalize covering no pre-existing condition with the concept of insuring risk, I was told that she would no longer answer my questions. I explained that I had a right to know as a member of the public since these were being imposed, yet the commotion of the small crowd diffused opportunity for a reply.

Following that I occasionally heard a few glimmers of critique such as 'do the numbers add up?' or consternation over losing association with their original medical professional, but that was soon lost when 'baited' by the lure of government subsidies.

As I raised my hand about other issues, the representative ignored me and I had to call her attention. At that point I was shouted down by other attendees who said "you like to hear yourself talk!"

I subsequently tempered my questions to practical problems, but the message was clear: you are subject.

As others poured into the room, restlessness and a general dissatisfaction settled within the audience and the session finished.

Afterwards I privately apologized to the representative for personally disrupting her presentation, though politically I highly disagreed. She disclaimed her political views, while in my mind it was ultimately selling out one's conscience.

In sum, it was very disappointing and alarming to see the crumbling of a free society and a precursor to financial dissolution unraveling before one's eyes. I do feel better knowing that I am doing my best as a local freedom candidate and that others are contending such unjust law, but what a tragedy to behold

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we're headed into unknown territory--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

hold a counter public meeting

countering the government insurance fraud, maybe even get an insurance group together that can explain the downfall of the system.

Good idea

particularly being a local candidate for City Council-!

Sounds eerily like the big meeting at 20th Century Motor Company

in Atlus Shrugged.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Do you feel 'Socially Engineered?'

Does it feel a bit like someone stuck their hand into your brain, flipped you the bird, then pulled it out and left? That's how it made me feel.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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It's really something isn't

It's really something isn't it? The general populations lack of political and economical knowledge combined with the psyche of selfishness and the hidden hand of coercion feeding the selfishness of people.

The "reality b**** slap" as I like to put, it is going to be quite heavy by the time the willfully ignorant public comes to notice it. I'm frankly scared of what will happen when it hits.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.



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Doesn't surprise me.

The majority of the people in this country would fight over being able to open a suitcase with a pissed off bobcat stuffed into it while locked inside a closet as long as the government was giving it to them for free.

I saw the same attitude

I helped out at the Republican booth at our county fair last month. As people would stop by, I would ask them if they were aware of the Medicaid expansion bill (part of the implementation of ObamaCare in the states), and would they call our State Senator to voice their opposition. Most people said they were not aware/didn't care, and the others told me how they were going to personally benefit from it, so they supported it. Only two people out of all the people I spoke to over that few hours (supposedly all Republicans) voiced their opposition to the bill and said they would call our State Senator. Our Republican Senator did vote for the Medicaid expansion, and even wrote an editorial in our paper explaining he felt it was what his constituency needed and wanted. Unfortunately, I guess he was half right.

Unfortunately, the

Unfortunately, the Republicans offer ZERO solution. Telling dimwits that people can go outside of the state to bring COMPETITION is a fallacy; fallacy you say?
Yes fallacy, when you go outside the state and deal with companies NOT BOUND by the laws of the Insurance Commissioners office of your state, it's buyer beware and you have no laws on your side from your state, as this gets kicked out to the states via the capital E Exchanges.
So imagine the expense that one would incur having to travel and fight an insurance company NOT BOUND by state laws. This is a no brainer. THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION, but a FALLACY.

DEFLATION, rapid at that, is the solution. COMMON SENSE is the solution. COMPASSION is the solution. The for profit insurance industry with government control and bribery involved is NOT A SOLUTION.

I have a disease I was born with and have no health insurance. I can assure you that the Progressive Left has driven up the costs and will continue to harm my health based on their STUPIDITY.


Be Your Own Media!!!

What was the crowd demographic?

Old? Young? Section 8 people?
Sadly, I have learned over the years to not get my hopes up in trying to educate the masses...to try and get them to at least QUESTION what's being poured upon them. Alas, the Amerikan idiots outnumber us by a huge margin.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


For those unfamiliar with Philly, the meeting was held in the neighborhood of Roxborough, which is generally considered to be a conservative stronghold. Hence, my surprise at totalitarianism's passive acceptance

I just read your post after I

I just read your post after I read mine. Yes dimwits all over. And what keeps coming up as my health deteriorates before my very eyes, is all the me me me people, my direct family included. I was told, why do you get so mad all the time about these things, I said because of your complacency and the fact that you don't care and it's to the point there is no reason to talk to people like you because if you don't get it yet and it's right before your very eyes, your a waste of time. The very Rachel Maddow tactic was turned on me. I had to shut them up real quick before it really did piss me off.
And when you just try to deal with the networking and the human element, well I can assure you that the government union and progressive left don't really care, oh they talk a big talk, but in reality, their crony capitalism harms people like me. They do not include or help, none of them. They data mine and share the information of those that fight the progressive left and they do not care.
I can assure you the people in the front line of government have private emails after they gather the information. It gets kicked out to the army of those that pissed all over society, at taxpayers expense, and at the very people they proclaim to want to help in the "struggle". In reality, it's all about them, the police, teachers, their group, but under the guise of middle class jobs and oh yah THOSE CHILDREN! YEAHHHHHHHH

Be Your Own Media!!!

"what's in it for me?"

The mantra of a socialistic society.

Next step...dictatorship after the civil unrest.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

I overestimated the Syria thing.

91% of Americans did not want Syria bombed.

Looked like people were waking up. Now it looks like they knew the airstrikes would rock their little boats.

It wasn't about waking up. It was about "leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep."

You've been Delphi'd!

Delphi meeting perhaps? They are discouraging, but when you learn how to "un-Delphi" a meeting it can be loads of fun... plus eye-opening for your fellow attendees.

Were people encouraged to provide input or ask questions, or was the meeting for informational purposes only? Just curious.

It would seem to me any "public" meeting should be able to be recorded. WTF? Is it *not* a public meeting? Or is the meeting *the property* of the insurance company?

(Gotta love fascism, where corporate interests rule government and dispose of the rights of the people....)

What would the Founders do?


Thanks for introducing the term and having since researched, I learned something new.

To answer in kind, people were encouraged to ask questions, but no input was requested. I would also say that the meeting served both professional/legal purposes since it was in a public forum, but you are correct where the effect was "we are a corporation with the backing of the government and this is how policy is going to affect you, like it or not."

Truthfully the proper place to challenge political ethics would have been at the previous civic town halls but when faced with outright oppression, it is difficult not to defend the prerogative of my free agency.

In any case, the implementation of this despotic law might ultimately prove to be the nation's undoing


Thanks for your post. We'll all be "sharing in the fun" soon enough....

What would the Founders do?

Do you have any links for how to counter the Delphi method?

Thanks. I think people here need to see this. The author of this Op could have benefited from it. I know his intentions were good, but as the author of the Op describes himself, he turned the audience against him rather than turning the audience against the Delphi leader.

Rosa Koire, who authored "Behind the Green Mask", is

a battle-hardened veteran at undoing Delphi events.


Her book is an expose on Agenda 21, where the rubber meets the road in communities, and she founded / co-founded Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21.

What would the Founders do?

Here's a start

Great links!


What would the Founders do?

Sometimes the house is in such a bad state of repair that

Rather than fixing the problems its better to tear or burn it down and start a new building.

The old saying "Give them enough rope they will hang themselves."

The hand outs will stop and the selfish people that were grubbing for a hand out and wanted so badly to be cared for like children and told what to do by their government officials.

The hand outs will stop and the poeple then will revolt not for freedom but from anger of not being given the handouts no more.

Its like an evil tango where the partners keep hurting each other as they stay in time to the zioinst Rothschild tune.


Leading sheep

That's how the government see's it's new "health care" law. Leading sheep to a well. Except the ones who keep telling the sheep that the well is poisoned seems to just aggravate them.

My wife's grandfather passed away recently. But I can remember him being an ardent supporter of government welfare. I said didn't you fight in WWII? He said yeah, I said what are your thoughts on communism? He said it's an abomination of a system of government and helped fight against it.

I said then why do you support it here at home? He shut up and as he knew what I was alluding too.


the word 'government' seemed to be the palliative for audience concern also

About the same as what I saw

About the same as what I saw at Pete Olson's town hall. Mindlessness.

Southern Agrarian