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Navy Yard Mass Murderer had History of Mental Illness and Heard Voices (As Predicted)

Refocus Notes:

Here was our response to a Facebook friend at about noon on the day of the shootings, who wondered how this would play out while we were still learning of the event:

"They will try to cast the guy as a right winger, they won't be able to, they will kill him on site, then they will visit his residence, take everything away while asking questions of neighbors and friends.

Then it will eventually turn out that he has a long history of mental illness, and of course they will once again intensify legislative efforts to have certain types of firearms banned....."

Gee, think that's odd that I knew all of this before everything came out?

Join us for the "Conservative Refocus Live" show on Wednesday night at 7:00pm, we'll explain both how I knew this and what it all means.

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