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Thumb-Sized Mini Video Camera Product Review

I had one of the original metal-cased versions of this personal mini spy camera so the only way to fairly review this product is as a comparison between the two.

After being unavailable for over a year, this very cool mini video camera is back - and it's almost as good as the original.


First of all the plastic case. I noticed that in the new advertisements they don't show it being used as a 'pet-cam' as in the original version. They showed images of videos taken by cameras attached to dog collars, but the new plastic cases would probably fall apart too easily to allow that now. Call it a trade-off.

The change in the case design may lead to the next slight flaw - the record/stop button on the top is recessed about a millimeter-plus lower from the original. This makes it a slight challenge to find with a thumb in the dark.

Major flaw - the micro SD card port. It is unclear which direction to insert the card, and it is very easy to put in incorrectly.

Major improvement - the sound-activated filming feature works on this one, and didn't work on my first one. This was something I had originally been looking forward to using with my first one and which may have been a reason why the first company failed.

Improvement I don't like - If the power button is pressed while recording, it saves the video before powering off. This may sound good, but the first version would not save if powered off, and this was convenient for saving space on the 4 or 8 gig micro SD. It was great for not saving footage that was absolute garbage.

Overall, I give it 4 out of 5 stars which is above the amazon average of 3.4 or so. At $15, less than half of what my first one cost, it is a good machine, though you may prefer a micro camera with a built-in usb.

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Michael N you should sell these through amazon.

Thousands of them in fact.

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Neat toy

I'm gonna buy one

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Added new data.

Average rating is only 3 stars, not 4...

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