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Votergate video.....must see, especially for all of you vote fraud nay-sayers

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Part 9 of Hacking Democracy is also a must see -


Thanks for posting this...

Thanks for posting this...

The Illusion

The American vote process is an illusion. The System is corrupt and rotted to its very core. Party hacks control the outcomes. It is they who select the candidate choices WTP are allowed to vote for. I call it the 'Selection Election'
Caucuses and primaries wrapped in confusing rules, regulations, loopholes, fixed electronic voting machines controlled by criminal corporations run by ex-felons and secret backroom counting. We campaign. We Support. We donate money and time. We hope and pray. WE expect that our efforts will be rewarded. We expend our blood and treasure for this most sacred right...the vote. The obvious has become obvious. The System is irretrievably broken, beyond renovation or quick fixes. We need to rebuild it from the foundation. We need a National System that is consistent, transparent, reliable and accountable. It was meant for the voter to be secret...never the vote. The Republic is in peril when the only means of peaceful change has been destroyed.

USC Title 50 1520