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Boycott Apple Over Fingerprint Scanner?

After everything that has come out about the NSA and government spying, Apple thinks now is the time to roll out this technology? Are the masses really that stupid, or is Apple just that stupid? I guess we will see. Personally I will never buy an iphone now, and I love Apple products. Even if the fingerprint scanner is turned off, the technology is still in the phone and I have a sneaking suspicion the NSA will have some backdoor access to it.

Anyone else peeved over this?

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Easy to avoid

Don't have a cellphone! Are you all so smug and self important that you think everybody and their mother wants to call your dumb asses? A work phone is one thing but just to have one because everyone else does makes no sense.

So, at the same time they want our login to be harder...

They are cooperating on putting in backdoors for NSA. Only in Amerika.

Kinda Safe technology. It looks impressive!


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It's not manditory

You don't have to give you prints, you can skip it. It is only if you want it instead of putting in a code for security reasons.

Oh... you can skip it? Just

Oh... you can skip it? Just like you can skip having the NSA collect your phone records, record your calls, or read your private email? Thank goodness.


You leave your finger prints everywhere

If they want our finger prints, there is much less complicated ways (going through our trash). I am normally very much paranoid about things like phone calls being listened to and emails being read, but this just doesn't seem to be the same thing to me. IMHO

There is a -huge- difference

There is a -huge- difference in the amount of effort required to retrieve fingerprints from millions of trash cans (and then associate them with individuals) as opposed to simply accessing a database where all of the data has already been organized by name, fingerprint, and telephone number.

Profit Opportunity

Seems to me like a good reason to buy put options on Apple shares.

Ed Rombach

Current consensus target is

Current consensus target is $542.55.

Anyone Else Notice

that YouTube(Google) is now trying to get people to enter their cell phone numbers when signing in? For ‘account security’. Yeah, no thanks!

Outlook has been ‘requesting’ the same thing for a while now.

Two-level authentication

Two-level authentication makes hacking into your account much more difficult. It's optional of course, but speaking from personal experience, I've been hacked recently and one of my relatives e-mail was also hacked.

In the near future, it may be that almost all security will rely on a combination of password and biometric authentication, because the advent of extremely powerful computing is making even strong password protection less secure.

I am no google or outlook fan, but

a cell phone number is asked for and stored with the account information so that the consumer has the ability to receive a text message with a verification code in the event that they forget their password and need to reset it. It can really help people, especially old people who forget their password and those that cannot distinguish between their email password, their administrative account password, their voice-mail password, their charter password, their...well, you get the point. Im no fan of google or anyone else collecting personal information just for the sake of collecting information, but there are relevant uses for some of this stuff. I work for a large technology company that services the public with consumer electronics. Not saying that I am the end all, be all, but i can see in my day to day operations where this stuff can make self-troubleshooting technology easier and more accessible.

Keep Dreaming

Google wants to link people’s online accounts with their cell phone numbers. It’s called tightening the noose.

I guess they need to check

I guess they need to check and double check. Fingerprint, phone number, picture, address, shoe size :p

Trade-in your old iPhone

... together w/ additional discounts got me an i5 16GB { pre-biometric } for ~$125

I've enjoyed Apple products for 20 years :)

Operåtion Liberty Apple :

• boycott biometrics
• demand total encryption
• demand anonymous surfing email text etc



If you dont mind me asking, where did you purchase your phone?


Any information on the availability of FirefoxOS in the States?

You Open Source People....

showing up here is like an anarchist asking a question at a Rep-Dem debate. FirefoxOS looks like a very interesting alternative to selling your soul to Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Disclaimer: I have never owned Apple hardware or software and have never been long or short their stock. I do not use smartphones. My desktop, that I built three months ago uses nothing from the big three.

I use Ubuntu OS, Firefox browser and StartPage. It's pretty boring when your web page ads are random. They don't focus on selling products for your blind Himilayan cat with rhuematoid arhtritis.

Hells yeah, I love buycotts! If you want a great personal

tracker w/out fingerprint id or paying through your nose then buy a cdma iphone 4 (sprint or verizon) w/bad esn off of craigslist (75$). Then research how to flash it over to Cricket or Metro pcs. Both of these co.s offer unlimited talk/text/interwebs for around 50$. A character in a story I am writing uses any identity he chooses.There is also software called DFS that for 50$ per phone you can flash to any cdma provider as often as you like for the lifetime of your tracker/phone. If you don't like being tracked and only want a phone as a stand by keep it in copper gauze or look for faraday cage on ebay.

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Just use a normal strong

Just use a normal strong password. NEVER use a pattern one. If your fingers are greasy (Say after lunch) it leaves a mark on the screen and someone can put your phone up to a strong light and see the reflection and can break into your phone.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

You clearly have no

You clearly have no understanding of the tech behind the iPhone fingerprint reader. Go read up on the company Apple bought then come back. Stop embarassing yourself.

You clearly misread my post

You clearly misread my post because it is not about the fingerprint reader but the pattern based passwords such as when you overlay a picture. I learned that during my HIPAA data security training, its not some shit I made up. You are welcome to embarrass yourself as much as you want.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

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You can prevent them taking your fingerprints

To avoid detection, simply fashion a hat out of tinfoil and wear it 24/7. Problem solved.

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You make no sense and contribute nothing to this discussion. You're snide comments are not welcome.

Sigh, another anti-technology

Sigh, another anti-technology post on the DP. This is getting a bit silly now. look, your fingerprint on the 5s is stored ONLY on your phone's microprocessor. Once stored, it verifies locally and sends only a "yes" message to any apps needing fingerprint verification. No imprint ever leaves the phone. I know you paranoiacs won't accept this and believe Apple is some NWO Illuminati co-conspirator or whatever. More power to you. But I'm not going to live in a cave so I feel safe.

Yeah. And the contents of our

Yeah. And the contents of our phone calls and emails are stored -only- on the devices they are intended for and on a private server.

Big companies like Apple and Google have been denying that they've provided back doors to the NSA up until the moment they are caught red-handed. Why would you suddenly trust Apple to do the right thing now?

FUCK, that! I've always hated

FUCK, that! I've always hated Apple products. Overpriced, overaesthetic bullshit marketed to dumb hipsters that don't understand technology. I'm glad the new apple products will have a scanner on them. The idiots dumb to use it will get what they deserve.

If it's effective, government will demonize it.

Crappy mousetraps don't sell well for long.

Free includes debt-free!

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So, when they Steal your Phone, they will Need Your Fingers too!

Have you heard of thieves pulling teeth and cutting off people's fingers to get the precious metals?

I hope would-be thieves find a high-tech way around the finger-print scanners.

The idea of having an eye scanner for security gives me the willies for the same reason.

I would rather have an entry system that requires good humor and wit. :)

In Apple's implementation the

In Apple's implementation the thumb or finger must be connected to a person with a pulse. Unless you are keeping launch codes for nuclear missiles on your iPhone, I think you're unlikely to be a target.