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Boycott Apple Over Fingerprint Scanner?

After everything that has come out about the NSA and government spying, Apple thinks now is the time to roll out this technology? Are the masses really that stupid, or is Apple just that stupid? I guess we will see. Personally I will never buy an iphone now, and I love Apple products. Even if the fingerprint scanner is turned off, the technology is still in the phone and I have a sneaking suspicion the NSA will have some backdoor access to it.

Anyone else peeved over this?

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Save your old computers...

..they might be the only ones you can trust.

I think you can turn it off

I think you can turn it off

You cannot trust Apple computers!

In fact, you cannot trust any of the smartphone makers today.

It's not the phones that are a concern, but

The phone companies. If they want to provide a backdoor program for government agencies to unlock your phone, they can do it with or without features such as the finger scanner.

Yea but who wants

their fingerprint in a government database?

If they have access to your phone

What is a fingerprint compared to all your personal information?

My radar went up as soon as I saw this feature

in the Keynote. Phil Schiller immediately tried to
clarify the technology limits... but you can't help
but wonder... They sure have locked down the
whereabouts of you phone for a while now... now they
will know if it is you using it... so they can
reliably send someone to collect you when needed.

ALL cell phones sold today

ALL cell phones sold today contain a GPS chip. It's required by law. If you don't like that fact, try to get the law changed or don't use a cell phone. You could carry around a CB radio, but I think your signal could still be triangulated.

Well, yes, that is what I said...

That they have had the phone's location... now with fingerprint recognition, they might could know 1) Where the person is, and 2) Who that person is.

In the past, even under GPS, someone could come looking for the phone owner... but I could have loaned my phone to my wife, kids, friends, etc. Now they have identity too.


The government can find you no matter what you do.

Cancel cable, stop using smart phones, change your address, etc etc.

They know, its the most sophisticated well funded spy agency on the planet you won't beat it.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Please get your facts in order

The fingerprint scanner is completely isolated (electronically, physically isolated) from the parts of the device with network access, and it is impossible for it to send any sort of signal over the network.

We haven't seen the device yet, but when we do, this is something that can be independently confirmed, you don't just have to take Apple's word for it. When the phone comes out, we will know for sure. Until then there is absolutely no reason to accuse them of lying.

I am skeptical about the complete separation...

after all, if that were true, how would the scanner approve access and get that message to the OS? It has to be integrated into the entire system and the OS has to be able to submit and receive information back and forth.

Even if you can somehow prove that it is completely benign today... that does not mean that the technology won't be "altered" later when no one is looking. Oh, look Honey, there is an IOS 7 Update 13 available... I am downloading now.

I like Apple. However, even if they were the last of the big boys to start participation in PRISM, they are participating. How long before they cave to surveillance "needs"?

You're right, I am

You're right, I am speculating a bit. However, in this environment of super spying I see something like this as fitting the narrative too perfectly.

It's not a good way to view

It's not a good way to view the world, being afraid of all the things that might happen, suspecting everyone of everything. It's what got us to this point to begin with.

I generally agree, but its

I generally agree, but its hard not to be over vigilant in this world right now.

Agreed, I definitely

Agreed, I definitely understand being suspicious. And accordingly, I'll be watching the reports of the first dissections of the phone very closely.

well in Missouri

if you ever cashed a check that wasn't off your own bank, you must put your thumbprint with ink on the check, so my fingerprint is already in the national database.

So I might still buy one, you can combo the print with a alpha numeric code on the phone if you like as well, that way you can't be forced to incriminate yourself if pressed by the cops.

While I don't believe Apple is necessarily pro-liberty,

at least not in the sense of caring to protect against government surveillance, I'm not completely convinced that the new fingerprint scanner poses a threat. I think It's a pretty neat innovation and I don't think technological advancement of this sort should be discouraged at all. With that said, I guess the only thing that makes me somewhat skeptical about it is the fact that the information stored is encrypted, yet they say the info is only accessible to the fingerprint scanner (and not the atennas, which is likely where outside attempts to gain access would be made). If this fact made the fingerprint info sufficiently secure, there wouldn't be a reason to encrypt it? Perhaps they did it just to soothe these concerns that are being raised, or just in case.. Of course, there is the likely possibility the info really is more vulnerable than they are making it out be. Only time will tell.

I probably will still get the new iphone, though I would imagine that a fingerprint scanner in an android phone would be much more secure, due it being an open source platform and third party developers effectively creating tweaks to ensure info cannot be accessed. Dammnit apple, if only iOS wasn't so damn closed off and more developer-friendly instead!!

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"

Lovely sentiment, but Android

Lovely sentiment, but Android phones are known to be flypaper for virii, malicious hacks and they have proven far more vulnerable than the iPhone to security risks. Look it up if you don't believe it.

The reviews on the iPhone "5s" are in and they are universally glowing. The fingerprint detection is repoted to be so good, that it is a big convenience which will turn the phone into a reliable digital wallet. Heck, it could theoretically be the perfect platform for efficient phone-to-phone anonymous Bitcoin transactions (just my speculation).

To answer

your first two questions.

Yes, a lot of the public is that stupid, or at least that nieive.
No, Apple is not that stupid. They are part of the establishment. They are working hand in glove with the state or the state will destroy them.
All CEOs remember what happened to Qwest.


Liberty = Responsibility

I was a Qwest subscriber for

I was a Qwest subscriber for a long time. Even my beloved Seahawks had to change their stadium name to Century Link. Qwest was buried.

"All CEOs remember what happened to Qwest."

I'm no CEO but I'd love to know what you mean!!! Links????

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Qwest CEO refused to play ball with the NSA

where is Qwest today?

Where is the CEO today?




You don't play ball, they'll dig up anything they can in their database to put you away for something.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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That is a major function of any Human Resources department

..don't upset the wrong people at work, they keep a file on everyone.


I switched to a Windows Phone (Androids can lick balls) a couple years ago as I refuse to buy into the "annualized product releases" that Apple has adopted to sucker people into yearly hardware updates and non-innovative software and UI design.

Then there's the fingerprint scanner AND the CONSTANT Motion Tracking imbedded into the A7 chip that catalogues all your movements as long as you have the phone on you.

Anyone here dumb and lazy to the point they can't be bothered to input and remember a 4-digit pass code??? Apple thinks you're all retarded apparently.

How well did MS's attempt to impose an alway-on, always-listening, 3D scanner "camera" that can monitor your body weight, movement characteristics, even sense your mood through its facial detection software, work out for them? NOT WELL! The camera will still come included but it can be disconnected completely and burned with fire!!

Consumers are SLOWLY waking up. Even Millions of Facebook users are abandoning the site due to a growing awareness of privacy concerns. We all know Zuckerberg takes it in the tonsils from the NSA anyway. Elitist wannabe.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Windows Phone adoption is

Windows Phone adoption is almost inconsequential. Microsoft blew it big time and they have been on a slide downward ever since Ballmer took over. Now that their board has finally given him his walking papers we'll see what happens, but it is going to be very tough to right that ship.

Their business practices are of no import to me

I just like how the interface looks and works. I'm a graphic designer so I really like the "magazine" look of its menus and such. I also like the "tiles" that can be sized up or down rather than the typical icons used by Apple, Google and even BlackBerry. That's just me.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Understood. To each his own.

Understood. To each his own.