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Can you free yourself and others while you perpetuate the system that enslaves you?

Every Journey begins from within.

It is said that you cannot change other people, only yourself. I have found this to be true. Unless you change yourself, the dynamic that you have with others remains the same. People and institutions that you interact with have no reason to adapt and change when the dynamic between you hasn't changed. Change yourself and you automatically change the dynamic.

We know that for most their rational mind is at continual odds or conflict with their emotional state. Rational argument then, when presented to these people, only fortifies the emotional state behind which they hide.

So, the only solution is to change yourself, which changes the dynamic you have with others, then lead by example.

In this light, who are we, or what have we become, that assists in perpetuating the systems and institutions of governments which have become so evil, immoral, and oppressive? In other words, what are we doing, or what have we done, and what do we continue to do, which allows, encourages, and perpetuates the evil, immoral, and oppressive system by which we are governed? What dynamic are we a part of which perpetuates this corrupt structure? How are we, or how have we become, an integral part of it?

If we could change ourselves, we could change the dynamic. And if we could change the dynamic we would change everything!!!

So, the solution is first to see the true nature of the system that we exist within. That is done with a study of law and the knowledge of our facility to the system.

The next step is to comprehend the presumptions that are placed upon us in law that we do not question or repudiate and the mechanics with which we are wittingly or unwittingly maintaining the institutions which hold these presumptions and use them against us.

Finally, we must change ourselves accordingly: act to renounce the falsehoods and presumptions placed upon us in law, to withdraw support for those systems, and embrace the true freedom, and responsibility, which is in fact available to us in law.

We can be free again if we know how and why we are now enslaved, and change ourselves to change the system.

Government will not change until the people change.

Here is where you will find help in this endeavor: http://pacalliance.us/home/

Read the Red Amendment. Join the Alliance. Achieve, or return to, the same lawful standing which the American revolutionaries achieved in law 230 years ago. Start down the road to your own freedom which will lead to the freedom of all peoples and nations in the American Union.

Act in unison. Lead by peaceful, loving example.

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anyone on the DP

aware of the "Red Amendment" as fostered by said alliance
any response is appreciated even if impertinent

looks quasily interesting

not only is it interesting....

it also presents the facts of history and law as they have been obfuscated by Congress and the Supreme Court. Who you are in law is almost everything. knowing the law is everything else.

Challenge: Read the 14th amendment, diagram its sentence structure, and see if you can decifer what it's actually saying. It's not what most people think.

The Red Amendment is essential for a true and relatively complete understanding of the issues and consequences of the implementation of the 14th Amendment.

Happy reading.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

looked at this site

I stumbled accross this site in the past and a similar one, SEDM.org, a few questions for you:

They say don't vote. Does this mean any voting or just Federal Offices? Are they advocating not voting for local elections such as Sheriff? How are we going to have a say at the local level?

I already try not to use my SS#, but how do you get a driver's licence? or register your vehicle? I know you will probably say you have a right to "travel" and it is not a privalige. What if you DO "drive" comercially as I do part time, how does that work?

I am self-employed but will still get 1099's which I will have deductions for so will owe little to nothing. We have to pick our battles and I don't see a big return on pursuing this at this time, but am willing to listen.

The only way I see this possible is going totally off-grid and bartering.

To receive a full and complete answer to your questions...

you will have to order and read the Red Amendment.

That said, basically Congress has the ability to write Public Law and Private Law. The 14th amendment (whether legitimately ratified or not) is a form of Private Law. It doesn't apply to everyone.

Prior to the 14th Amendment, there was no such thing as a United States Citizen. There were only Citizens of the States. (Article 4, Section 2)

The 14th Amedment, through opperation of law, removed people from their natural and lawful State nationality, and forced a Federal nationality upon them. Combine this with so called "voting rights" laws which gave the new US citizen the "civil right" to vote while disenfranchising the State National who was then denied their Natural Right of suffrage, and one begins to see the full intention of these accumulated bits of legislation.

Further it is important to comprehend that the United States is NOT country, but either the name of the Union of American Republics (countries), or the name of the agent for that Union which is a municipal corporation.

Therfore, US citizens are citizens of a municiple corporation and not a country in law, as the States actually are. All municiple corporations, by definition of law, are essentially wholly owned subsidiaries of the Federal government, and only US citizens are responsible for their municiple private law.

This is how the natural order in American law and sovereinty has been perverted, litterally turned on its head.

so, back to nationality. Because the States are individual countries in union, the Union actually operates under international law (read the Law of Nations). Under international law, and according to the Constitution no Two States can occupy the same territory. Therefore the United States is a foreign jurisdiction to the States. Voting in a State, under the 14th Amendment, is an act of insurgency. It would be like people from France voting in England. It is unlawful, but the 14th Amendment makes it "legal," though it remains a publishable offence.

I know this is a bit of a disjointed response, but I hope that it helps.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/