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DOD Whistleblower Exposes MK Ultra Hip Hop Conspiracy

My apologies if this has already been posted here. Someone posted it on Sodahead. Not sure what to think of it.

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I'm still waiting for this leak...what happened to this guy??

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Its monday! where's our leak?

Similar info

can be read here: http://vigilantcitizen.com/

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Is this making any.......

mainstream news?

If there is little to no mention of this on TV may indicate this is legit.

Anyone see anything about this on TV? (Doubt it). Any twists or deveations to the original Y.T. story?

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Can you say, " Jump the

Can you say, " Jump the shark"?

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Initially, one would say that this is a hoax.

The voices are garbled and difficult to hear. Is that really Michael Jackson? Having said that, the government killed the Kennedy's, MLK, and Malcolm X. The government injected African-Americans with syphilis at Tuskegee. The government made soldiers walk toward just exploded A-bombs. The Gulf of Tonkin event was an outright lie by the government. The NSA and the DoD are both proven liars. Is this government capable of killing Michael Jackson, and could this recorded conversation be authentic? Yes.

He looks

like that agent that every one was claiming Reptilian awhile back. LOL.

It is hard to trust this guy but Jackson was speaking out before he died.


Uncle Fester comes clean...

I upvoted you comment.

Because of the Subject line. It is creepy.

But I find it much more serious than the picture you posted. Something very evil has infiltrated the Government of Americans, and therefore the MIND'S of Americans.


Dunno, BUT......

Real on not, this is HUGE.

You know how people are, everything's ignored UNTIL there's a celebrity involved.

The news of such talk will travel like lightning. This will get the kids talking and conspiracy talk WILL soon become the NORM.

Make A LOT more room in the rabbit hole, momma rabbit just had A LOT of kidz.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

This look like disinfo to me...

And it's probably intended to go viral and discredit more legit evidence of hidden/nefarious agendas behind the music industry at a high level (read some articles on the The Vigilant Citizen for example) and make people giggle at talk about the very real Project MKUltra

1) The supposed "Michael Jackson" recording does not sound real/convincing.
2) The "whistleblower" also sounds like a bad actor receipting a script, not an authentic person.
3) If this guy was really worried about getting killed you'd think he would have shown some evidence of his supposed employment with the DoD for "over 20 years". He provides absolutely no evidence whatsoever that he is who he says he is.
4) He says he is giving his name for protection, yet it's (conveniently) a very common one, and he doesn't even spell it out (Connors? Conners?). If he was really privy to such inside information, the government would already know exactly who and where he was, so it would have been in his interest to make his name and location very well known immediately, yet he does not do so sufficiently at all.

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You mean this guy looks like someone very uncomfortable.

Someone not use to being in front of a camera and spilling secrets that he was specifically trained to protect. Yup, I agree. We'll see if this is a hoax or is this legit.

Have Manning and Snowden changed the course of history by their actions? I hope that they have!!!


Is the number of posters that rarely comment on anything, and NEW posters claiming to be long time lurkers, focusing on this.

Very good points.

Very good points.

Speaking with DoD to verify Employment...

Placed a call to the Office of Personnel inside the DoD this afternoon and left a message for my contact to request verification of this man's claimed employment with the Department.

The Allison Bricker Show will report our findings as soon as we are able confirm or deny. :)

Everything about this

seems suspicious, not genuine, canned, fake, etc.

But hey that's just my gut and by the comments it looks like I'm not alone.

Seems pretty fake...

The call sounded like a very poorly written and very poorly acted b-movie script.

Plus if he was legit he would disseminate the info immediately, not issue a stupid ultimatum that he knows they would not consider.

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Yeah, it could be BS or it

Yeah, it could be BS or it could be real. The Michael Jackson call sounded like him, but I'm sure there are many who can do convincing MJ impersonations. But MJ wouldn't be the first celeb to talk about a gangster cabal that runs the entertainment industry. These things make me think of the chakra torture expert/hit man in that one James Bond movie who mentions that he is an expert in the celebrity overdose.

That sounded like a bad

That sounded like a bad Michael Jackson impression.

Bump for discussion because

Bump for discussion because this sure is odd. Fake? Real?

Could very well be true,

Could very well be true, could very well be a hoax, i wont discount, because discounting is against my nature, its the reason why i see this neutrally, believe yet not believe, until proven

okay, you claim this, but you have to prove it by clarifying the truth of it, evidence and veriviable fact goes a long way to this, or in some circumstances, explain the details to the puzzle that fits other puzzles that CAN be verified, but that is a standard, a precursor to the meat and veg to the required veriviable proof, i dont see a satisfying precursor here.......time will tell

He gave an ultimatum

To the govt to just come out with the truth or he'll release the tapes. Lol

After all his experience, does he really think that will happen???

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Maybe the delay is to let other whistleblowers

get their affairs in order and come out too. You gotta love that Michael Jackson is involved. That should get a few million views on youtube.