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Two Fundraising Ideas - Get money from ads/commissions

Two ideas:

1. We all buy things, and some of them are bought online. This gives me an idea for fundraising.

What if we make a site/sites for RP supporters to buy things through? For example, if you want to get books from Amazon, buy it through a site that will get a commission from your purchase.

Once the commission hits $2300, the site owner donates all of that money to RP campaign, and then close down that site/or take it off the list. Get a new site up after that, so we can rinse and repeat this process.

We'll need transparency, so to avoid fraud etc.

My point is, money is being spent everyday by RP supporters. We can be smart and direct some of those funds to RP campaign without paying extra.

Who could make this into reality? Is it worth it? What problems can arise?

2. Second idea is a stolen idea from somewhere I can't remember. Create a lotto site where revenues will be donated to RP campaign (of course). The idea is, RP supporters will click on ads/links, so that will generate revenue for the site owner. Same thing as above, once revenue hits $2300, donate and switch the site ownership to another person.

As a cover or to make it more fun, we can operate this as if it's a lotto or raffle process. So people click in order to find the 'winning' link. The winning link can reward $1 or whatever, doesn't really matter. But the point is, to get people clicking and generate revenue. With a browser that allows multiple tabs to be opened, this is a breeze. A supporter can open 50 links in a day with no problem, and takes only 2 minutes.

We have traffic, we have supporters, we should capitalize on that.

So, what say? It sounds pretty good to me, but I see problems in the process of switching/rotating the site ownership. Also, for both scenarios, overseas RP supporter can also contribute!

I have minimal website programming ability, so if this idea sounds good, I hope someone can help.

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i like your ideas but i

i like your ideas but i personally don't have the tools/time to implement



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