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New Update 3 Please help! Please Donate to Save My Dogs

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Hello my Daily Paul Family,

Updated with new and current information.

On Friday the 13th my dogs Tilly and Dozer hand an incident involving an 11 year old boy... God I know it sounds awful but please hear me out.

Unfortunately after this incident occurred, was when I was told that he was a troubled child. He on numerous occasions have helped himself into peoples homes. Has stolen property. Has had many run ins with the law. Was violent towards children and adults, have gone around my neighborhood collecting debts from the gangsters in our town. Had access to counterfeit money. I also have witnesses stating that he has thrown rocks and sticks at my dogs. Most of my neighborhood has had trouble with this kid.

As well for myself have caught him helping himself into my home, once by entering the front door and another by entering my windows. My niece was awoken from her nap, walked into the living room and this boy was just walking around my home alone with my dogs in the house, she then kicked him out, locked the front door closed the windows, to then once again encounter this kid climbing through our window. These incidences is exactly why I didn't want him on my property at all, I made myself very clear he was not to open my front gate for any reason.

We have also warned his guardian that her child was not allowed on our property. I strongly believe she also has a huge part to play in this incident. I wish she would have warned me that he has mental issues, warned us that the boy most likely wouldn't have listened to our warnings about trespassing. Or that he had violent tendencies towards people and animals. This situation was a perfect puzzle of chaos.

My neighbors have also had many encounters with this boy, one mother got hit by a rock on the head, he struck a child with a racket in the face , breaking his teeth... and the list goes on.

He has been on my property many times before with no incident, involving my pets. Including breaking and entering with my dogs in the house. I believe this was because they were not provoked by him.

My dogs were inside my home ... my mother in her room about 30 feet away. The witness a next door neighbor states that the boy came into my yard, my screen door was closed but not locked and began banging on my doors, yelling, and when the dogs began barking was harassing them through the gate, banging at the gate by their faces, and barking and growling at them. My mother said she then got up to the front door and that's when they pushed the screen door open and began nipping at him.

The Boy went to the hospital with minor injuries. The animal control even said that the bites were not from a dog attacking for a kill. The injuries were not bad considering the animals I have.

The Sergeant on my case even said that in our county they make it very difficult for homeowners with animals. And many times situations are very unfair for the dog owners.

I don't know why things happen the way they do, but in my heart this happened to my family as a warning, to always do what you can to protect those you love. I never would have thought that I have to in effect protect my animals from certain situations. I never thought I would have a child of this caliber provoke my dogs in such a way, and that they would attack. It is definitely a learning experience for me and all those this situation effected. They deemed my dogs dangerous because it was a child that provoked them. If it were an adult that created this situation it would have been different.Though I feel a broken screen door has nothing to do with my dogs being "dangerous".

With all these occurrences with this kid... I wondered who is protecting us, my neighborhood or anyone interacting with this child from us? Because he is 11 years old, we have to deal with him, because the system believes he doesn't know better? There are young children everyday that kill people, kill animals and the innocent people have to deal with it?

I went to the police station to file a complaint against this kid because of the trespassing concerns and to ask if this child was in fact trespassing. The officer told me legally he was regardless of weather my screen door was in working order or not. And that the reason this kid is still creating chaos is because children his age can pretty much get away with anything, that the juvenile system is all screwed up, its over crowded and alot of the time they don't know what to do with these troubled kids. They have told me even if I caught him trespassing and called it in, they would just pick him up and drive him home... keep in mind he lives 3 houses away. Now I know why this kid is still roaming the streets committing crimes and getting away with it. This was a hard pill to swallow.

I'm glad the incident happened when people were around, and it wasn't one of those times he broke into my home and no one was home. I believe this was the workings of something greater, this situation could have been fatal.

I hope that my situation can help others.I ask of you, any dog owners to get a copy of the ordinates from your county regarding dog ownership. If its broke, fix it. Your county and animal control in the end will always look out for itself. If you have a trouble maker around , take all precautionary measures. You wont be sorry for the small inconveniences.

In our eyes,its hot outside, we don't have air conditioning the screen was closed not securely locked it was not in working order, my dogs were napping, my mother was enjoying her TV. Its peaceful, its a beautiful day. My house was quaint and quiet. Never did we think we would have to worry about a kid provoking our dogs, and an attack would soon follow.

The fees for keeping them under quarantine $130.00 for pick u$70.00 a day and if they consider them Dangerous dogs its $1000 a year for the permit. And they want the money upfront. As a precaution I had someone fix our front screen door, I have posted a beware of dog sign in my front yard, I will have to put a pad lock on my front gate. I sort of feel like a prisoner on my own property but I would do it because I love my dogs.

Tilly and Dozer clean reputation will forever be tarnished. Any donation would help. I miss my babies dearly and honestly I do not feel safe without them.

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so cool =)

Freedom always wins

Hang in there Jen

Hopefully your dogs wont be classified as dangerous.

Donations with giveforward.com is up along with their pictures.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I love DailyPaul and visit it daily, you can say its like a second home. You guys rock! You give me so much hope!

They are currently under Quarantine its costing me $70 a day ... its unknown how long they are going to have them. If they say I have to lable them as dangerous I have to pay everything up front. They will not work out payment plans.

Thanks again!

Tilly and Dozer Donations : I https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/qf33/save-my-dogs-til...

Freedom always wins

If a kid is screaming for attention

its not something you can half heartily accept.Either you run the bad kid off because you can not give them the attention they need, or you take them under your wing and really watch out for them and make them part of your life. Any middle ground will blow up in your face. I am sorry it blew up in your face, especially because you were trying to be nice, I know several kids like that kid, but for future reference you either embrace or push away. Sorry.

I agree

most definitely kicked me in the butt. Would definitely do things differently. =/

Freedom always wins

When I was a kid...

I had this amazing and loving dog coco. One morning before school my sisters and I were playing with him out front. We had this plastic roll up sled and we were using the early morning frost as pretend show. We tied up the sled to the dog like we were in the iditarod.

One of the ladies who lived down the street was on a jog. When coco saw her running near us he got spooked and got loose and nipped at her rear. He did not puncture the skin at all and she went on with her jog.

Later in the week the lady (who we found out was... get this a police officer and insanely scared of dogs) sued the ish out of my parents saying the dog was a menace. My parents were not rich so we did not have a lawyer and we went to court and lost. Our home owners insurance said pay the fine yourself or send the dog to the pound. Coco was never seen again. :(

Trouble will always find a way of coming to you. I'm sorry this happened and it's really sad. I hope you can get your dogs back!!

I know it might be a bad

I know it might be a bad thing to consider, but what happens if he tries to break in somewhere and the owner decides to shoot first and ask questions later?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I'm truly sorry about your dogs.

Never, never, never, never call the police for anything.

Natural Order

Someone must be legally

Someone must be legally responsible for this parasite of a human being, and you should file against them immediately.

put up no trespassing signs and press charges if they trespass?

put up no trespassing signs and press charges if they trespass?

Ya know I love

Watching Judge Joe Brown....And you seem like you could use a short vacation..FILE ON HIS SHOW...and if you hear nothing..does your local tv news have a consumer section..or a help section? Contact them. And file in small claims against him and his mom, and his dad, and his g/ma, and if they rent..the landlord...Also check with your insurance company to see if anything can be done about destroyed property..I hate to say it but if your dogs are put down because of him..he in fact destroyed your property.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Where the F are his parents?!!?!?!?!

Sue them for being a**hole parents to cover your costs!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

as a dog lover

I really feel for your situation. You might try to contact your local media , they love to run stories like this one.

Soory For Your Loss

Unfortun@tely the pets seem to be the le@st of your problems. If you're not c@reful in how you de@l with this kid you could lose much more th@n just your pets. I would recommend video recording future incidents of property tresp@ssing & uninvited home entries - for your protection. Your town/city only seems interested in your money. You're unlikely to receive much help from them - don't expect @ny.




Most likely reason is that

Most likely reason is that 'a' key is broken in his keyboard ...

or he has got used to typing lot of swear words, but escape web filters, like @sshole ;)

oh, d@mn

that m@kes sense



"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant