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Ben Swann: GOP Chairman Breaks Law, Endorses Embattled Incumbent US Senator

Posted by Michael Lotfi | September 18, 2013

When most people think of Tennessee they arrive at conclusions of country music, BBQ, mountains and conservative politics. If one were to crack open the voting records of TN’s federal delegation they would be in for quite the shock. Of Tennessee’s 11 federal delegates (9 representatives and 2 senators) only 3 have a conservative score or 80% of higher. In fact, the highest score is an 88%, which belongs to Rep. John Duncan (R-TN2). The biggest shock comes when looking at the two US Senators. Bob Corker (R) scores 40%, and Lamar Alexander sits with a dismal 41%. Even the democratic delegate Jim Cooper (D-TN5) has a more conservative record at 42% than does his US Senate counterparts. Tennesseans find themselves in a consistent state of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to finding true conservative representation. In many cases, Tennessee may be considered the most liberal state in the South.

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Yet Another RINO Being Protected by the Establishment!

Doesn't this bring back memories of what they did to Ron Paul at the State Conventions and in Florida. Priebus is not to be trusted nor the Chairman of the State Republican Parties.

So, if the National Republican Party don't like the delegates sent from the state the Rule change states that they can changed these elected delegates. I don't think this rule was reversed by Priebus.

This is one of the big elections we need to win

Lamar needs to go down.

Good find