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"Levels of radiation in the water ranged from 3 becquerels to 24 becquerel per liter"

Raw footage of Fukushima after Typhoon Man-yi, from RT


Bloomberg: Tepco Drains 1,130 Tons of Rainwater at Fukushima After Typhoon

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501) revised down the amount of rainwater it drained into the soil and Pacific Ocean at the wrecked Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant after a typhoon lashed the area.

The utility siphoned off about 1,130 tons of rainwater from behind concrete barriers in front of seven areas with storage tanks holding radioactive water, it said in a statement. That’s 100 tons less than earlier estimated. Radiation levels were within the safety standard of 30 becquerels a liter, spokesman Masayuki Ono said at a briefing today.

The rainwater accumulated in the barriers as a result of Typhoon Man-Yi passing over the site. The plant escaped any major damage from the typhoon, Ono said.

Levels of radiation in the drained water ranged from 3 becquerels per liter to 24 becquerels per liter, the Tokyo-based utility said in a statement today.


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After the latest earthquake:

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