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Over $107K raised in one day to buy house for Boston homeless man who returned $42K

Glen James probably did not expect to get anything in return for turning in a backpack with over $42,000 in it. But now some $71,647 has been raised in just over 24 hours to buy the homeless Boston man a house.



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Does this work like a

Does this work like a lottery? Will the shitty government grab 40% as taxes?

“Even if I were desperate for

“Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a … penny of the money I found. I am extremely religious — God has always very well looked after me,”
-- Glen James

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Does he even WANT a house?

Does he have any income? If not, how will he pay his property taxes and utilities once he is GIVEN a house? It would be better to set him up in an apartment and try to help him get a job. He's obviously honest, so if he is willing and able to work, there must be somebody who'd be willing to hire him for something.

It's nice that people want to reward him for his honesty (even though there are a lot of people who wouldn't keep the money either - although they might not turn it into the police, they might try to find the rightful owner themselves or donate the money to various good causes) but whatever happened to "common" sense?

That happened on a Reality TV

That happened on a Reality TV show a while back. They won a free house that was beyond their means but lost it in a few years becuase they couldnt pay property tax. There is no such thing as private property, we just borrow money from a bank that was printed by a private bank then loaned to the treasury so we can pay 'rent' to the government so it can pay the interest on the money it loaned from the private bank in the first place.

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was wondering the same

Does he even want a house?

I know to some people it may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but as someone who spent time on the street, you get used to it like anything else. Being homeless is actually very liberating in its own way, and to some people it's worth it.

Like you say, how can he pay the property taxes, utilities and such? Is he being set up with a job of some sort? Property taxes in the greater Boston area are ridiculous (I moved away last year), and in some towns, water can be surprisingly expensive.

Personally, I'd rather be offered a job and some start up cash that I could rent an apartment with than a house that I probably couldn't afford.

But hey, good for him and good on the people who donated.

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i say don't donate...

he can rent an apt over buying a house. Also he returned the found money to the police..not smart..are the police just keeping it now?

Raised: $107,388.00

New Goal: $250,000.00

Stop saying RETURNED!!!!

He didn't return shit. He gave something that he found to his master. What is moral, or integral about that.

The money was probably stolen anyway. More than likely by the same people he "Gave it back to".

It would have been cheaper for the tax payer to just let him keep it. They already came out of pocket once. Now the state gets their "dues" and the people have to come out of pocket again to buy this guy a house.

If we lived in a just society or free society, and he wanted to do the moral thing, he could have advertised that he found it and hopefully whomever it belonged to would be able to identify it, and convince him to return it. You know the way they do it at a restaurant. Instead all this guy did is perpetuate the states control of our property and our souls.


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Nice sentiment

Nice sentiment, but as others have posted, almost nobody is homeless in Boston for simply lack of a house. Most are mentally ill and/or medicate themselves through alcohol.

Homelessness is a choice of the irrational and sick. And there's plenty of poor on Section 8, WIC, etc., For better or worse the programs are there.

Homeless man aside, who keeps $40k in a bag in the first place and then loses track of it?

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Most homeless folks aren't mentally ill or drunks...but the ones who go around begging for money usually are, and unfortunately those are the only ones who most 'normal' folks meet. It's not as if homeless people go around with sings dangling from their necks stating their homelessness, either. Some can be as well dressed/groomed as someone with a full-time job.

Some people do it because of a life changing event they're trying to sort out alone. Some do it to break away from the government. Others do it to try starting a new career and/or life somewhere else. Some are born into it or become homeless very young and are victims of circumstance.

I got on the street due to family/money issues (lack of either). I was very young, so I hard a hard time finding work. I hitched coast to coast for almost a decade...somewhere along the line it turned into a wanderlust/adventure/getting laid thing. It was tough, but fun, but the memories have begun to blend with one another as I get older.

Whoa! Didn't mean to reminisce just now...

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Point taken, thanks

Point taken, thanks.

I presume someone in this situation isn't looking to own a home either.

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Clearly you never been

Clearly you never been homeless before... shelters fill up. Section 8 has a many year waiting list. WIC is for prego mommies and newborn babies, how u think this is going to help a homeless man is beyond me.

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Point taken, thank you

Point taken, thank you.

Good heavens, no, I've never been homeless. My wife and three kids and I live in a beautiful 4,000 SF house about an hour outside of Boston. I work super smartly, am employable in a thousand ways, and have such an extended network of family, friends, neighbors and professional contacts that for me to spiral into homelessness would probably take years if ever.

So please let retract my first point and make a more general one: all of the characteristics of somebody who is long-term homeless, be they choices, alienation of friends and families, the avoidance or inability to work, the inability or lack of a desire to live in the social construct, and then, probably last in order, trouble accessing the public weal, etc., probably isn't conducive to being a new homeowner.

It's dandy and kind hearted and faith-in-humanity-inspiring that people are chipping in money to buy the dude a house, but maybe they should see if he can rent a studio apt to start with or buy him therapy or help some other way that makes more sense than gifting him such a responsibility.

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try living in a box

picking left over food from a dumpster
smelling like last weeks garbage,as you can't take a bath,nor wash your clothes
Try finding work when there is none out there that pay enough to afford a place to live
Try going a single day without ANYTHING TO EAT,let alone go without for 3-4
Try walking the streets looking for cans/bottles for the refund,in hopes
of getting enough to make a small meal
then see if you change the way you look at things
you cannot judge/condemn,or even make a comment until you have walked in them shoes,why? because you have no basis of which to draw from
try getting any employer to hire you looking the way you do,and smelling
just as bad,while you might want a job,no one is going to hire you
I guarantee that

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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That would be quite a hassle

That would be quite a hassle to go through all of that just to post a fairly innocuous and obvious post on a discussion board, but will consider.

I don't think I was judging or condemning. Just questioning the effectiveness of giving someone a house.


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re: shelters

In many cities (including Boston), the shelters are more dangerous than the open streets. I still remember the one I spent a night in in Orlando. So many trannies....

Bostonians don't call one of the (now closed) shelters the "nightmare center" for nothing...

Saint Francis is decent though, but they're only a daytime shelter IIRC.

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Tax time will prove interesting.

"They" will take the home back when his taxes don't get paid! Then, everyone, with a big heart, will look like fools!

This is cool as heck

But a question came to mind. I have met many homeless that were opting out of the machine and slavery, this is the only way it can be done. Many I know are now going minimal for this reason also. If Glen was homeless because of these ideals then now a home would bring him right back into it. Utilities ,City hall, Taxes, Insurance, Etc. I hope he does well.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I hope some of those 'generous souls' who are donating

Think the way you do and chip in for his taxes,... too.

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Juxtapose these two men: White "Home" B. and Homeless G.

One man tries to return money that belongs to someone else by enlisting the local authorities.

The other man uses his authority to demand his fair share of money from everyone else in order to conduct an outreach mission in Africa.

One man has a speech impediment but is able to express his gratitude for all the gifts of spare change he has ever received through a hand written note addressed to the public.

The other man uses his oratory gifts to explain to the public why everyone must give involuntarily their share for CHANGE going FORWARD.

One man, leading by example by trying to return property back to a fellow life traveler from a foreign land, single-handedly improved relations with others around the globe.

The other man returns back to the same desert regions time and again, destroys property collaterally, and sets the example that one man can single-handedly trash a nation's image with the stroke of a pen.

I think the biggest story

I think the biggest story here is the police returned the money to the original owner. I'm surprised it wasn't declared 'drug money', confiscated, and the person added to the 'terror watchlist'.

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Where did you get that info?

"the police returned the money to the original owner"??? Who was the original owner? How was the original owner determined? Why was the original owner carrying around that much cash? Turning the money into the police was stupid. No good can come of that.

"Later Saturday night, police

"Later Saturday night, police were contacted by an employee of Best Buy who said a customer lost his backpack. The passport matched the customer’s identity and his backpack was returned to him".

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


That info wasn't in the activist post article, which was apparently copied from EndTheLie.com, and I didn't expect any new info to be found at the gofundme.com site so I didn't bother looking there, but I decided to check it after your reply (you didn't say where you got it from) and there it was.

Turns out most of that $40k was in traveler's checks, which are useless to a random person, and only about $2400 in cash, and the guy's passport was even in the backpack, so anyone who found it would know who it belonged to.

The article at ActivistPost/EndTheLie didn't mention any of this and one was left with the impression that the backpack contained $40k+ in cash and no identification, and the guy went and turned it into the police.

It was nice of the guy to return it, but giving him a house??? Come on, there are a lot of people who would have done the same thing under the circumstances.

I hate to sound like the bad guy here but...

...I know how it makes everyone feel good to raise as much money as they can to buy this man a large and wonderful house, but, doing so may very well get him in trouble. Think about it. If the man in homeless then chances are he has no source of income and therefor no way to pay the rape fee, or, property tax he will owe on the aforementioned house and will in fact lose the house and once again be homeless. Remember, no good deed go unpunished.

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He will then be able to apply for government benefits. He'll be fine.

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That's what I'm talking about

Everything I give you, all comes back to me

In spades.

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Obviously this article is a

Obviously this article is a lie. Only government can help others because people are consistently bad and don't care about their fellow man.

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