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N. Carolina Congressman Walter Jones Interview w/Alex Jones - 9/18/13

North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones Interview W / Alex Jones - 9/18/13 - (VIDEO)
Link thanks to SteveMT


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SteveMT's picture

Wow. Walton Jones must mention Ron Paul's name 5-6 times.

This is the most I've ever heard Ron Paul's name mentioned by another Congressman in an interview. Rand needs to watch this video.

SteveMT's picture

Walter Jones: I am a Ron Paul type.

Now, that comment got my attention. I'm listening very closely.

Debbie's picture

Thank you for posting this!

A true Southern gentleman . . .


Congressman Jones

gets it.

egapele's picture

I have seen him speak and introduced Ron Paul

He had so many apologies for not listening to Ron when it came to the undeclared wars. He did a complete 180 and has been on Ron's side stronger than ever.

He has taken a lot of heat from it too.

Walter Jones is a great friend of the liberty movement.

Debbie's picture

Yes indeed he is!

So glad to have him.