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Full Exclusive Interview Of Fox News With Syrian President Bashar Al-assad

I find this shocking to say but I find Al-assad more believable than President Obama.

Has it really gone to this? That I can't even trust my own Country? It really is sad.


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Kucinich makes a great

Kucinich makes a great journalist. Fair but not soft.

good of Dennis Kucinich to secure this interview

they both asked a lot of hard questions....no holding back. It is always good to hear the other side. And I do agree it is much less a civil war anymore and more a war of outside sources. We are one of the outside sources funding this war. Blood is on our hands.

They hassled Assad about how fast he will get ris of the chemical weapons. Yet, nobody brought up all of the chemical weapons we STILL have that we were supposed to get rid of years ago.

What' always

mystified me is why we and the people we like can own wmd and nuclear etc, but no one else can. Makes no sense.

Did Lincoln not kill hundreds

Did Lincoln not kill hundreds of thousands for daring to secede from the Union? How is he different from Assad? And Lincoln had less fire power than Assad does. So who really is the war criminal?


I really don't trust any Dictator. Since when do we need leaders? Why can't we run ourselves?

This is a great interview...

why are we opposing the Syrian people in the war against terrorism?

I agree.

Afterwards Fox news had people on talking more crap. They were saying Al-Assad was helping Al-Queda when we went into Iraq. But we are now helping them. Does that even make sense? Your trying to tell me, my military friends risked their lives fighting terrorist, America is now friends with? Twilight Zone anybody?