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4th Quarter Fundraising... Bump up for Paul

Timeline of events
Oct 5 (26 days before deadline) Candidates unveil 3rd Quarter Fundraising

Jan 31- Candidates wait to unveil fundraisings (to avoid the bad press that comes with either spending millions of your own wealth, or having declining bank account)

Feb 1- News report on 4th quarter numbers showing RP dominate the rest of the field. (750k 1st Q, 2.5M 2nd Q, 5M 3rd Q, 20M 4th Q)

Ron Paul Fundraising Bomb raising 6M (bringing him to 10M)

Feb 5th- Super Tuesday

Great amount of press just days before Super Tuesday... should be exciting.

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I was watching Olbermann last night. I generally see him as fair but, while he ripped the other candidates on their Iraq war positions and statements at the debate in Florida, there was no mention of Ron Paul. No mention of his stance that the war was a mistake. He was just kind of lumped in by omission with the other GOP candidates. Also I just found this:
And while Ron Paul is not listed as making erroneous and inaccurate statements, he is not mentioned but to say he was there. I realize that this article shows the other candidates shortcomings, but by omission of Ron Paul, we are not given a choice.
Are we doomed?

We're his voice right now!

He keeps asking for us to canvass to spread the word to voters. And he's running a strategic campaign. We just need to do our part. Keeping him well-funded is a great place to start! Go for the Gold!