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I cant believe I missed this today!

When the hit piece came out against Rand, a lot of people got face time on television to attack Rand too. Christie came out swinging.

It was the same day Dick Cheneys daughter announced her run for Senate.

In the Vogue piece I posted today: http://www.dailypaul.com/299617/vogue-could-republican-senat...

"Paul gleefully notes to me that his latest Christie-baiting tweet is “really going to escalate the war” between the two Republicans. But his jocularity fades when I bring up a July article in the Washington Free Beacon, a newspaper with close ties to neoconservatives, reporting that a Paul aide and collaborator on the senator’s 2011 book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington, was known in the 2000s as the Southern Avenger, a radio shock-jock who wore a wrestling mask printed with a Confederate flag and joked about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

As Kelley tensely works the tassels, her husband’s back straightens and his feet come off the coffee table. The aide, who quickly resigned, is “not a racist, he’s not a white supremacist,” Paul says angrily. “The story came out from people who are opposed to my foreign policy and opposed to civil liberties” and shows “we are winning, and our arguments are winning, so this is used to punish me. And the sooner I can get beyond this, the better.”

There it is. Finally in the open. It was those folks that attacked him. This was rumored when it all went down. Its nice to set the record straight on it.

Rand Paul 2016!!!

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