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Link to write letter to get endorsement

The Facts, the newspaper in Lake Jackson, Ron Paul's hometown, said they have talked about endorsing him, but haven't decided to do it yet and maybe would think about it again closer to November. Now is when it would do him some good. I asked how to encourage them to do it, Michael Morris said, "Write a letter."


Let's get this endorsement. We can do this.

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wrote two letters:

here's one:

Dear Michael:

Please do your part in endorsing such a fine candidate as Dr. Paul. His media blackout is a gross censorship of democracy. Certainly, he threatens the establishment: Big business lobby, the military industrial complex and the Federal Reserve. Large obstacles, but necessary ones to overcome to lead to three issues that will determine the outcome of our survival as a Nation: Sovereignty, Economic Freedom, and Civil Liberty.

Thank you very much,


Well, done.

One Has Been Published

I saw last night that the first (hopefully of many!) pro-RP letter has been published in The Facts. I commented on it on the other thread of this topic; you can see the details here.

The request was to "work to elect our living Founding Father", which is a nice phrase to use for RP, indeed. However, it did not specifically request that the newspaper endorse RP. They need to receive more letters from us requesting the paper's endorsement, as well as asking Lake Jackson voters to support RP's campaign.

Oh, good

Thanks for linking to the other site. Let's keep it going until they endorse.