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Guy Sets GameStop Manager Straight!

Nazis exist in all walks of life y'all. I really can't stand people like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_m6XyNQ3J4

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i agree

I can goto reddit for silly videos..

Id rather see links to serious issues that effect us and less.. LOL!!! HE GOT SMAKCED DOWN!!!LMFAO!!!#!#!#!!@#$%

Nothing at all against this post

But after being a daily DP member for two years I still don't understand how this website works. My brother and I wrote and produced a song "the cost" about the cost of war and posted it on DP memorial day. It was a big project for us which we were very proud of. It never made front page and was buried after a few days. It got no exposure. Since then I see post almost daily about members discussing their dating lives and quitting smoking, etc. All of which is fine. I believe in the free market concept but it doesn't seem that this site works that way.. A post making front page or being buried should be determined by votes which is based on the quality of the product being offered.. I see post on DP with 0 votes on top of front page and then post that I have added with 20-30 votes which never see the light of day...

I'm sure it has something to do with my membership status but when I signed up in 2011/12 I signed up as a paid member? Maybe my membership lapsed I don't know... Thanks for listening..

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

Unfortunately, you can't just

Unfortunately, you can't just post something and get seen. There's actually an art to it. I've had about 10 posts put on the front page this year. It's all about when you post it, how you write it, and most importantly what headline you use. You must keep the audience in mind and write a good headline that people will click.

PM me and I'll help you with some tips, and then repost and see what happens.

I feel you

definitely. I noticed this on the DP as well. It just might have to do with the mod's preferences. We all have things that appeal to us and things that don't. You would think something with a foreign policy message would get more attention than drama at Gamestop. Sorry to hear that your project got lost.

Thanks. I'm going to post

It again next year on memorial day and hopefully the mod will have a change of heart.
Maybe I will title the post, "game stop manager attempts to quit smoking while seeking relationship advise."


Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

why is this posted here?

That is a few minutes I will never get back.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Because I think it's

Because I think it's important lesson, that's why.

I don't understand why people

I don't understand why people act this way? She's just so ugly inside! Obviously the people around him are morons of course lol. I just want people to wakeup. We can't stand for this type of stuff, no matter how little. Everyone tells me Juan, you have to pick your battles! And I say hell no. Don't you guys know this is a war!? An infowar.

The guys standing around

The guys standing around rooting her on are acting that way because she has a vagina and they don't know how to get in one, so they just want her attention by siding with her. Pretty obvious lol

The same thing happens at a bar or any other public place. The ladies usually get the right away in these type of situations.

your comment is the only redeaming part of this thread


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