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There is site made by Richard Viguerie, the man who produced the funding for the Reagan candidacy(Reagan didn't have any), called Ultimate Ron Paul. He wants a debate 1on1, Paul vs McCain. He has the contacts to get exposure, get the word out in the media, but the polls and petition numbers on the site need to be huge. So, get everybody you know to take the interactive polls, so we can get Paul on the MSM and over 2000 blogs, around the country. Take action, now! www.ultimateronpaul.com

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Yes Yes Yes!

I would personally love to see a debate bettween McCain and Dr. Paul. Paul would throw McCain so far off on his stump speech the senator wouldn't know what to say. Intelligence would show and Ron Paul would be on top.

McCain would never go for it though unless he was forced. He would have to be called a chicken over and over again. Until he would have to come out and fight back.

A good idea is to start hitting blogs and start inserting in them. Ron Paul has challanged McCain to a debate on the war and foreign policies. McCain is affraid to debate Dr. Paul. He's a chicken. He can only talk through a stump speach. McCain is hiding behind his advisors. He does not have the knowledge to debate congessman Paul.

This might start a challenge between the two camps and supporters.

Go Congressman Dr. Paul. We are with you!


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

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Just signed the petition

I hope everyone will take a minute and sign it as well.

Here is another petition to keep RP in the debate Jan. 30th.