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Dr. Ron Paul on MSNBC Today, 9-19-13

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Thank for sharing the video

Thank for sharing the video of Dr. Ron Paul on MSNBC Today

You are welcome

it's such a good one.

Ron Paul is My President

Crossposting links on the same artery or trunk

The ONE EXCLUSIVE (World Reserve Currency) POWER is, if English means anything (if currency as language is accurate) then the word for that EXCLUSIVE POWER is CRIMINAL, or precisely, EXTORT-IVE, and FRAUDULENT.

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Why didn't they beat him up?


Oh and is that blonde ignorant or what? Not a clue about why two parents have to have three or four incomes to stay afloat...

Love this guy

Can't beat Dr. Paul, honest, intelligent, humble. All the things we're missing in just about every other politician.

Great contribution Sunny

Bump and thanks for posting


For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

My pleasure dex!

it's such a good one!

Has there ever been a bad one? -lol - nope!

Did you see this?

TOO funny!

Ron Paul is My President

Career vs Job

It must be very challenging for her to understand why a woman would want to "give up" working in a cushy career that pays her well to appear on TV and access elite, powerful circles. No doubt, she must work hard and enjoy her work. However, I would argue that for every one of her, there are numerous mothers and fathers toiling at jobs (not careers) that they hate but are forced to do in order to put food on the table and a roof overhead.
Also, it was she who assumed that the woman of the house would drop out of the workforce to educate the children. If my wife had her job, I would happily cash the checks and homeschool the kids.
Finally, she continues to perpetuate the notion that the only way to be respected and accomplished is to have a job. Big fallacy.

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!

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Ron Paul gives another lesson in Liberty.

Ron Paul is everywhere lately. He is flooding the MSM with things that they don't want to hear, but they need to attract an audience somehow.
Great interview! Thanks, sunny.

I think interviews with MSNBC

I think interviews with MSNBC are getting better. They're starting to understand what he's saying I feel. Obviously they know he's a somebody, due to the fact he's good for ratings, which is kind of hypocritical from their impressions in the campaigns.

Ron was like the college professor

Trying to explain reality to 3rd graders. At least they were respectful. You can tell the British lady is smart because of her trendy hornrimmed glasses that many liberals and most all the MSNBC tards wear (NOT)

Sorry I said liberals

And they aren't liberal, they are authoritarian statists.

i dont think thats what women want....

Im not sure why her comment bothered be so much. so i sat and thought about it. I get it women do want and deserve the right to do as they please with their lives. However, this was a good chance to voice why that whole type of a comment pisses me off.

Effectively, in one sentence, she just rallied (or at least attempted) an entire group of people based on her individual opinion. For one, (and not that I am a woman) im sure that at the very least some women would like to have a life where they have an opportunity to care for their children as her primary role... hell I know I would, kids are awesome... making widgets kinda sucks. For two, there was nothing even remoetely to do with women in the question about home schooling. I happen to know some people who do home schooling and the way its handled is every parent chooses a course of study and a small group of kids go parent to parent for instruction (both parents). So, im not sure i see the connection on how homeschooling = women losing their right to work. I mean if anything I would think it would give a great number of jobs out to possible small home schools. I could see my sisters girls working to help and gaining great interpersonal skills, her being a teacher (she is already) i mean why would there be less work to go around? Kids still have to be taught therefore people will be needed to fill that need. I dont know, I just dont get the whole connection, her comment just immediately struck me as "trollish".

Anyhow, just my 2 bits on a conversation about a lot more than that one single sentence and I certainly dont want to make this into a conversation about womens rights... in fact my point is that this was a non-womens rights issue, but here this woman in one sentence tried to make that the entire point, and discredit someones idea in the same fell swoop.

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She was trying to say that women's role is better working

alongside men in the workforce, and letting the state raise their children.


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Also that having children is way too inconvenient; it would cut

into work time at the office.


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That was absolutely fantastic!! Wow, that one guy got it and

was schooling the others that "People don't believe we could actually go bankrupt"! The Doc is always realistic and I think that's one reason he is loved and respected. His ideas may be new to these folks, but he listens to what they have to say and gives thoughtful answers. He was able to convey a lot of important concepts in this interview!


he was also on WSJ:


Published on Sep 18, 2013

Former Presidential Candidate and former Texas Congressman Ron Paul joins the News Hub to discuss the upcoming fights over spending that could force a government shutdown.

Ron Paul: Taper Fakeout Means Fed Is Worried

Published on Sep 18, 2013

Former Presidential Candidate and former Texas Congressman Ron Paul joins the News Hub to explain why the Federal Reserve's decision not to start tapering means the central bank is more worried about the economy than the markets know.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Twice Today

That's the second interview today (three if you count the presidential debate clip contained in one of them) where the interview went really well-in part because it was face to face in person.

Ron Paul does much better when the host can get his attention and ask clarifying questions. Granted, he still talks in leaps and jumps, which requires people to fill in the blanks, but it helps if the interviewer can participate.

Ron Paul would have won in 2008 if they had better moderated debates.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Paul on top of his game!

Wow, Ron Paul is really on top of his game! His confidence is high, his thoughts are collected, and his speaking in this interview is phenomenal!

Oh sure

Now everyone's polite in interviews with Dr. Paul.

In politics

people called Ron Paul Dr. No.

His wife said that's fine but only if it's spelled "K-N-O-W".

People are finally starting to realize she is right.

"How can we raise people's salaries?"

I wish Ron would've said:

"We don't need to raise people's salaries... We need a sound currency so people's cost of living can come down... If we had a strong sound currency, things such as food, shelter, transportation, and clothing would cost much much less"

Thank You Sunny.

Here is a link to another Daily Paul link:


Lets combine.



They took him incredibly seriously. Listening to him as the ancient Greeks would listen to Socrates and Aristotle.

If only they started 40 years ago, as his message has never changed.

That was by far the best MSM interview I have ever seen done with him. The tide is turning my boys.

The question we have to ask is when we get control, how do we make sure it doesn't ever fall into the hands of evil men again.


I think it was terrific too.

They were really listening to what he had to say. And Ron was just on top of his game.

LOVE this interview!

Ron Paul is My President

Well we can't "make sure".

Well we can't "make sure". We can only do our part to live for and teach what is truth. God is building a kingdom on earth and evil will become more evil and good will become more good, the end will bring judgment, each according to his works, or if you are in Christ according to Christ's works.

Very True

Such is the judgement of nations. Truth vs Evil.

Have you noticed, when you talk about truth with people who embrace it, they almost study it while talking about it. They get excited, being studying on their own, and learn to think critically.

But!, if you talk to someone who doesn't want to hear truth, they grow more resistant to it...and begin to despise it. Less and less will they sit and hear it, they will hate it with a passion, many for reasons unknown to them, they being to hate the very mention of it.

While people had massive truth walls up in 2008 and 2012, in 2013 I have noticed many people leaning into accepting truth, even if they don't want to. I think some people can be saved still, but you will see eventually the two sides will come to a head.

A great divide is coming.

The judgment would have

The judgment would have already come if there was no one left to save. Accepting truth is only the first step. After people must learn to walk according to the truth. This is very hard because truth can be and often is the opposite of what deceived minds want to hear. But the deceptions must be rooted out and replaced by truth, the essence of salvation. The world is like metal that will be passed through the fire, refined until only what is true remains behind.

I like all this truth...

And i've too noticed, even with certain individuals, that they would be accepting enough to listen and consider things, but as they realized it would require a little change in them, they start to despise it to the point that you don't even see or hear from them anymore. Maybe they'll come back around or the seed we planted will get watered somewhere else where they don't have to 'lose face' to grow. People are too prideful and selfish, well I'm sure many of us are too, but at least we embrace and try to do better.