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AP - Putin To Top Stalin: May Seek 4th Term

AP - Putin To Top Stalin: May Seek 4th Term

— Sep. 19 12:46 PM EDT

VALDAI, Russia (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that he could run for a fourth presidential term in 2018. If he does and wins, that would keep him in power for about a quarter century and make him the nation's longest-serving leader since Josef Stalin.

Putin, who served two consecutive four-year terms starting in 2000, became prime minister in 2008 to observe a constitutional limit of two consecutive terms. He remained in charge as prime minister, with his loyal associate, Dmitry Medvedev, serving as a placeholder.

Medvedev initiated a law that extended the presidential term to six years, and Putin won a third term in 2012 despite major public protests in Moscow against his rule.

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"Man of Steel" vs. 'Teleprompter Man'

Stalin means "Man of Steel". He adopted the name from one of the prison guards at one of the prisons he escaped from in his rise to power.

Obama got his name because he lacks the ability to tell the truth. He needs a teleprompter to read the crap that comrade Axelrod makes up..

Hey Obama: Ma Vaffanculo